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B.S. Exercise Science CEO The Educated Dieter Inc. I am the CEO of The Educated Dieter, Inc., where I work with my team of coaches to provide the highest level of 1 on 1 nutrition coaching available. We also strive to create products and content across all social platforms to further our client’s education which we know will provide them lifelong value.

Just track your macros, please!


Can we agree that your diets have failed because you can’t stick to it long term? You fall off the wagon!

It’s 2021 many of you may have already heard of the terms “tracking macros” and “flexible diet” and that’s for good reason. They use evidence based dieting methods, backed by real metabolic science. I know that sounds like a mouth full, but it’s all actually quite simple! 

Many of you reading this have already tried at least a hand full of “diets”, the difference I can guarantee is that you didn’t actually learn much from your attempts with other systems as its a “show and tell plan” vs. “a teach and execute system with options”. The reason why I can stand so boldly in that statement is because I’ve been where you are, along with over a thousand clients that we have worked with over the last 10 years. I’ve been in your shoes and I know what it feels like to have no confidence in trying another weight loss method, holding onto your past failures and searching for answers. You’re not sure who or what you can trust and I understand that. But, Lets face it the methods your likely trying right now in 2021 are likely the same as you tried last year…and the year before.

The difference is planning and education, when you start tracking, learning, and working with a good nutrition coach they will inform and guide you throughout the process teaching you the “why” along the way. The power of the system is that all the pieces are supported by science and when you understand the science you can start mastering your metabolism! This system is created to teach you more about making a long term lifestyle change and the fundamentals of energy balance. Learning more about your metabolism, and how to control it for sustainability over a long period of time is the secret you have been looking for. Many people fail because they never have a plan B, What I mean by this is since most diets are so rigid like we talked about in yesterdays blog. Once something shifts that puts you out of control, you throw the whole day out the window like a deep ball from Tom Brady. The flexibility within the macro tracking system can allow you to eat out, make meals fit your macros, have off plan food items, attend social gatherings, eat with your family etc. Strategies such as high carb days, diet breaks, free meals, eating out, personal preference with your eating window, and time of your meals can all be adjusted. That my friends is food freedom! 

Sound great right? It’s is, but here is the problem, The fitness industry marketers pray on the impatient with shinny object syndrome. Marketers promising to deliver you the results of your dreams in less than 14 days, 30 days, or 60 days. These companies pray on the uneducated, which is why our mission at The Educated Dieter is to make you an educated dieter and an educated consumer! With many of these short lived programs the results are great and companies relish in their immediate success only to eventually have those who bought in gain all of what they lost back and typically in a much shorter time line. “The pendulum will always swing back in the opposite direction”. The reason for this is because of the extremism of the diet, forcing you into depletion which doesn’t teach you anything but can lead to a new low on the scale. A depleted body is like a dry sponge, just waiting to fill back up! My challenge to you today is simple, can we stop using diet systems that don’t teach you anything? I know you don’t want to do that again, enough is enough and it’s time to make a change. 

Whats the Magic? 

Nothing super sexy, most things that work really well don’t have have to be super sexy to grasp your attention or be effective. You’ll notice that most evidence based nutritional practitioners rarely ever speak in absolutes, in science the truth is typically in that blurry grey space. We preach patience and consistency while maintaining a healthy/ in shape physique year round. While thats easier said than done and requires work we advocate a long term thinking process 6-12 months or longer that allows you the ability to finally reach your goals with a long term plan. With so many methods available many often wonder whats the best approach for them. 

Keto, paleo, Intermittent fasting, tracking macros, veganism, flexible dieting, carnivore???????

The answer is “it depends on you” the key to a successful lifestyle change is you and what you like. So its vital to not get caught up in what your sister or neighbor are doing as often times their life, eating, exercise habits, and genetics are much different than yours and they are not knowledgable in nutrition. Variable factors such as; Sex, age, weight, life stress, sleep schedule, work life, hormones, and genetics all play a role. 

The important piece I want to make sure that you grasp is the that the concept of flexible dieting and tracking your macros can be used with any diet method. The system is universal in that it simply allows you track your data from your diet and gives you informative feedback needed in order to review every week so you can make sure that your making progress towards your goals. If your not making progress than a dietary or exercise adjustment is likely needed. Adjustments will be covered in future blogs. 

 If your not tracking something, your not aware of your intake, and if your not aware of your intake you will never master your metabolism, period!  Just like any skill, in order to master it you must commit and try to learn it. When clients get frustrated with their effort and express that to me I have to remind them that they didn’t graduate from high school or college in 1 week. The same is true about learning your body and finding your nutrition plan for life, it will take time but the prize is within the art of doing. Through the process you will make mistakes but it’s valuable that you remember every day is an opportunity to improve on the previous day and continue to grow and expand your own education. Remember this quote if you find yourself struggling

 “Good things come to those who believe, Better things come to those who are patient, and the best thing come to those who never give up” 

The right approach is out there for you to find. Use these 5 simple questions the next time you decide to start a new diet plan. If you answer “NO” to anything of these, reconsider your choice. 

  1. Am I in control of my diet? or is my diet in control of me.. 
  2. Can I follow this for the better part of the next 3 months? 6 months? 9 months? Over a year? 
  3. Do I feel good and have energy? 
  4. Is my diet flexible? 
  5. Am I eating healthy amounts of fats, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber? 

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Make today the day you decide to DIETSMART! 

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