Are you ready to provide your clients the help they desperately need?

If you answered YES to that question you're a game changer!

Welcome to our Advanced Coaching Systems program round #2! 

We created YOU a 6 week course curriculum that teaches you how to uncover the reality that is hormonal dysfunction in many of our clients. Dysfunction that leads us to questioning our ability to achieve client goals, goals that your clients are trusting you and paying you for! You all will be the very first group that has ever gone through this 6 week course curriculum and have a ONE time opportunity to get access.


We have been working on this NEXT LEVEL EDUCATION BASED coaching program for the last 6 months, combining over 20 years of experience and were excited to share it with you NOW! 

Being your trusted coach, I’ve brought on another expert my right hand man Gillis Pelligrin to DOUBLE your coaching experience, and share our 20 years of coaching secrets and strategies with you!

And as Gillis Pelligrin recently stated on a podcast…

“Secrets & Strategies don't do you any good – we feel it’s our God given duty to share our BREAKTHROUGH methods, with our common goal to improve someone's quality of life… physically, mentally, and most importantly... improve your clients longevity to spend more priceless “PAIN-FREE” time with loved ones” 


This 42-day program WILL test your beliefs, myths, and shine light on what most people think is completely IMPOSSIBLE! Providing you with a full-proof plan to withstand the hurricane force winds that no doubt challenge you anytime you make a stand to shift the paradigm! 

Even more shocking is how we finally drew a line in the sand, and said…

“Enough is Enough!”

Over the last year you have heard some elite nutrition coaches talking about various topics such as gastrointestinal distress, estrogen dominance, low progesterone, low thyroid function, low testosterone, and lab reviews amongst many other metabolic disorders/ processes that make up YOUR CLIENTS natural ability to metabolize calories, while investing in you to eliminate their life-altering problem(s).

Everyone, including moms, dads, and even the elderly know what a “calorie deficit” is…

Now months go by… and your client is still in the same exact place of when they started.

Do YOU really know what’s keeping them from achieving the GOAL they desire?

At this point you’re frustrated, pounding your head on the table searching for the solution to help your client crack their genetic code…

I mean, LOW CALORIES & HIGH CARDIO… they should be in a calorie deficit right? 

Are they just a non-responder? Metabolically adapted and need to reverse diet? 


Not too long ago I felt the same as many of you may feel right now! 

We had  “trouble clients” at The Educated Dieter that just wouldn’t get the “typical results” of our other clients. To think I actually viewed myself at the time as an advanced coach. Looking back this is comical!  We must always continue to learn! Regardless of what we already think we know!  I knew I needed help! 

At that moment, faced with clients that were not responding well and reported biofeedback signs that I couldn’t ignore…


Do I just continue to coach based on my current level of knowledge and continue on as if these real hormonal issues don’t exist or do I take the time to learn exactly what’s happening?

As a COACH you place your value on clients’ results, client happiness, client retention, and client education.That’s a no brainer for many, if you truly show up to serve and want to create lifelong IMPACT!

As coaches we show up to solve the problems of our clients, and this case was no different so I took on the task of:


Thousands of dollars spent and countless hours later

I finally had a respectable level of understanding pertaining to the hormonal cascade that was plaguing many of my MALE and FEMALE clients.

Through my failures, efforts to learn, spending thousands of dollars I realized that while I had to hunt and scavenge for all these pieces of the puzzle.. There wasn’t a one stop shop that compiled all this information into an easily digestible live teaching course that catered to nutrition coaches with actionable takeaways and immediate application. Now we are determined to help you!

Why Create ACS?

We want more coaches to be aware of the hormonal dysfunction that occurs in many male and female clients all over the world. Many of which have no idea they are hormonally dysfunctional as they have always simply been told their hormones are “IN RANGE” and they were fine!

Just yesterday we found out one of our clients with “NO PRIOR MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS” has Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. She was eternally grateful that the lord blessed us with the knowledge to recommend labs based on bio-feedback.

She would have never known otherwise!

In being able to spot such a diagnosis you the coach can then determine your next plan of action! This is huge! And you may not be the best fit for the client!!!


You see many coaches right now are working with undiagnosed clients and have no idea! Treating them like any other client you help with their macros and fat loss goals will actually harm them even more. That’s one thing you don’t want to do !

Our mission is to bring more awareness to nutrition coaches all over the world working with such cases

With that being said, how was I able to start working with such cases with confidence?

Well first, I prayed about it! And asked the Lord for guidance. Be careful what you pray for, he will over deliver and you better be ready!

Then one day I was chatting with my best friend Gillis Pellegrin and asked for his feedback on a client case

Gillis and I have had many conversations over the last three years and I always knew he was intelligent but the time came where we started talking deeper than calories in/ calories out as i feel it vital to think years in advance!!

I was blown away to say the least

Anyone of you who have had the chance to speak with Gillis know you feel the same way!

From that one question, this relationship was born!

You see Gillis has spent years working alongside the Gatorade sport science team, many medical professionals, and within hormone clinics treating patients with similar hormonal issues to your clients. He has been a truly phenomenal mentor to me and I know he will be a truly phenomenal mentor to you as well!

I can’t say enough positive things about him, but don’t want his head to get any bigger LMAO… JUST A FRIEND JOKE!

This program was created out of a true desire to help others in ways 99% of nutrition coaches simply CAN NOT!!! If you want to keep passing off your problems and beliefs to “they aren’t in a calorie deficit” Then this is NOT the program for you! However, if you’re intrigued by the INNER WORKINGS of:

What you're investing in is no typical “surface level nutrition coaching course"

This is the next level and will require your commitment!

Previous programs that I experienced included a 1 session framework lasting over 4 hours that costs me over 750.00 in money and time that left many of us on the call dazed and confused half way through due to the human attention span

We are committed to making this better and more user friendly in every way.

Within this educational framework created by Gillis and I, we provide you

Program Syllabus

Program Welcome packet

Hormone definition guide and cheat sheet

Play by play coaches handbook to guide you on each call.

Six 75-90 minute long presentations taught to YOU! LIVE! (No time limit)

Live Q and A at the end of each call (30+ min)

Presentation handout packets for each lesson to help you grasp concepts in an easily digestible fashion

Communication in between calls for troubleshooting client issues or questions you may have (Customer service)

As well as a lab review teaching at the end so you can learn what to look for and how to spot a hormonally dysfunctional client

We will also offer insight to our case specific protocols as a bonus to YOU!

With the above level of bonuses and our commitment to helping YOU, you have no reason not to sign on if you’re truly passionate about helping others and finally solving your trouble client problems.

When you join, you’re immediately immersed into the position of student with the ability to consult with and ask for help from my personal hormone mentor Gillis Pelligrin.

That means all the times you’re sitting at your desk and your clients ask the hard questions

Hey Coach?

Why am I NOT responding?

Why am I NOT sleeping well?

Why do I have so many GI problems

I'm always tired, have no energy?

I'm always stressed and having anxiety attacks!

I'm doing everything right, I promise! And i'm not seeing any results!

You will be better equipped to actually help them solve their problems instead of always keeping things surface level like the other 99% of normal macro coaches.

Just the other day numerous coaches blew me up in the DM and asked:

I'm doing everything right, I promise! And i'm not seeing any results!

How do you work with PCOS women? Diet/training? Supps/ possible medication needed?

What does hormone recovery look like post competition for chronic dieting men and women?

How can you try to prevent some of this hormonal dysfunction from occurring during fat loss?

All amazing questions and be mindful coaches that we are not trying to make doctors here but rather trying to teach you how to spot these troublesome cases so you can either refer these clients out to an experienced professional or learn how to help them on your own.

Either way they need to be in the right hands!

When you join ACS you are getting insight to coaching strategies, and the key to client results that are ahead of their time and will be the future of health coaching in the next 2-3 years.

Having the education to spot symptomatic clients can literally help save their lives and get them the help they need

Many coaches right now are working with clients they shouldn’t be… why? No awareness!
We don’t take any of this lightly as we know that your client’s health is not something to take for granted and it shouldn’t be something you take lightly either. We are in the space to change people’s lives and do the right thing which is exactly our reason for creating ACS. Just the other day we had a client with no prior diagnosis get labs done as we had assumptions that she wasn’t healthy… in her words

God has surely blessed you guys to be able to notice signs and symptoms that even my doctor wasn't aware of

I cant believe how much better I feel going from a 521 estrogen to a 143 in less than 3 months!

My natural testosterone levels went from a 290 5 months ago to over a 450 now!

I haven't had a period for over 18 months, working with you for the last 4 months has balanced my hormones back out.. now I'm having a cycle

The value of that is unreal, to say its gratifying is a massive understatement. Can you see the value in such a skill? I surely hope so as I legitimately made all my financial investment in hormone education back after I signed my first client and could start applying these learned skills! It was a game changer

After the course, you can also join our monthly ACS coaching huddle meetings!

Being that Gillis and I both come from academia and value continued education we feel it would be in the best interest of you, the coach and your clients to offer you a continued education option after the course!

The ACS coaches huddle is a recurring subscription that allows you to stay in the environment of education while having a mentor(s) that can guide you closer to learning how to connect the dots with your clients after the 4 weeks is over!

In doing so you'll have access to

Value: Invaluable! Can you place a price on your clients health & results?

Access to:

virtual mentors and other experts in the space

Continued education through:

a weekly zoom calls to solve your problems

Access to:

Constant revisions of the course curriculum, client case studies, reading recommendations, what methods are working for us right now, and what new methods are we coming up with to help solve client issues. We want you to be ahead of the curve with your knowledge in the coaching space.

Access to:

a private group chat

Learn how to look at and review blood panels for your clients

Understanding the important role that hormones play in the clients results or lack thereof


How to create protocols that cater to clients with hormonal dysfunction

Advanced troubleshooting with lab reviews

Biofeedback examples for clients with hormone dysfunction

Evidence based supplements recommendations (case specific)

The impact of hormonal contraceptives on your clients

Navigate low Testosterone in males/ females

As well as many other common problems

What can you expect to learn from


If you say yes to any of the below questions you’d be an amazing fit for ACS. In my experience working with clients and coaches these are some of the biggest coaching struggles I’ve heard in recent times.
  • Are you truly passionate about helping other people reach their optimal level of health?
  • Have you ever worked with a client that you trusted was doing everything right and yet they didn’t achieve the result they set after?
  • Have you ever received an email of a client frantically trying to explain her low energy, lack of motivation, depression, GI problems, and inability to lose any weight?
  • Do you want the help of a mentor to help you better understand these classic “non responding clients”
  • Are you ready to learn that there is more to physiology than “calorie deficit BRO!”?
  • Do you really want to help us solve the problem created by other coaches and other habits that have led to many of these issues?

If you said yes then you can be part of the solution and not a part of the problem. ACS will be a perfect fit. We want to challenge you and we want you to think outside of the box for your clients benefit.

You can access our LIVE ACS course over the 6 week time frame for one payment of 1497.00!! or two payments of 750.00

This is equal to you signing on one client for 3 months or less for perspective.

When you think about your business investments, how I always like to think about it, when I pay for this education or this product how many people can I help with this level of knowledge?

I can tell you know always being on top of my continued education has helped me make over seven figures in my career. Pretty crazy when you think about it like that!

The more you invest, the more you make and that is the FACTS! The more you learn the more you earn by expanding your demographic and WHO you can impact!

If you’re serious about truly helping others and believe in what we mentioned above, this question will be a no brainer. We can understand that times are tough right now in the world but those who are truly committed will invest in their education over and over again as the ROI in this investment is infinite.

Yes we do! We only want you to be massively happy with this investment you have made in yourself and automatically know you made the right choice early on in the course.  

We have a 30 day money back guarantee and this is how it works; 

If you’re not happy with the course after the 6 full weeks and feel… 

 “this course will not help you with any of your clients and the information was not helpful at all and it offered you no additional value”  then we will issue you a refund.  

Any request for a refund must be handled within 30 days of course completion and only after you have reviewed all of the course content, course handouts, and implemented the strategies we discuss with your clients.  

We will stand behind this because we know that would be impossible.  


We would recommend you set aside at least 4 hours per week but you can easily dedicate up to 6-10 hours per week if you’re inquisitive and it opens up the rabbit hole of information and learn more about what you don’t already know.

Here is a list of what we would recommend:

  • Live coaching call: 90 minutes weekly
  • Hand out reviews/ book reading: 60-120 minutes of study
  • Customer service for Q & A: 30-60 minutes per day to troubleshoot and apply
  • Total: 4 hours of weekly study minimum per week to start to learn the and apply the concepts

If you’re an overachiever like we hope you are, then you can easily invest hours every day learning more and diving into the course materials.

We have again decided to go one step ahead and offer a help desk to our course group of coaches and clients. This information will be provided to you once the course starts.

We only want the most committed ACTION TAKING coaches in this program….

We have already decided to cap the enrollment to 10-15 coaches only!!!!

But we already have over 30 people interested.

This will be on a first come first in basis! So long as we feel you would be a great fit as we will not just allow anyone in.

If you want in, email “ADVANCED COACHING SYSTEMS” to
With “GAME CHANGER” and we’ll get you all taken care of ASAP!

Once you handle your invoice, your spot is secure and you will be notified.

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