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Lorena Jenkins

“Working with William Grazione has changed my life that might sound dramatic but it’s absolutely true! I have lost large amounts of weight in the past in unhealthy uneducated ways which left me with a poor relationship with food and a disbelief in my ability to manage a healthy weight long-term. The definition of insanity is repeating the same actions over and over again and expecting different results so in the end I decided to reach out to Will after a friend of mine had great success working with him. After working with Will for over a year and a half I have successfully taken off 140 pounds and reconfigured my body composition all while maintaining my hormonal and metabolic health. I now am educated, maintaining a healthy weight and I have a very healthy relationship with food. Will is incredibly generous with his time, education and provides amazing emotional support. I have never been more supported or understood in what is a very challenging personal and at times vulnerable journey. If you’re looking to make a long-term change with your relationship with food and overall health and even your self-esteem…. do not hesitate to contact Metabolic Evolution as Will is without a doubt the best in the business. Much Love and Respect, Lorena Jenkins”

Amanda Bucci

“Before finding William, I had coached myself through a couple of bikini competitions and attempted to adjust my own macros and cardio through my best estimations. I thought it had worked fine, but little did I know that hiring a coach would make all the difference. I made sure William had the same nutrition ideals as I did before hiring him and knew we would be doing a flexible prep, but I did not realize how much I would be learning by being a part of team Metabolic Evolution. My highest praise goes to William for being able to teach me exactly why he was having me adjust my prep with real, scientific reasoning behind it. If I ever had a question, he would answer it thoroughly and provide evidence as to WHY, which I have come to learn is incredibly important in a coach. Not only was he able to teach me so much, but he provided me with a low-stress prep by being attentive and detail-oriented so I would not have to do any worrying or questioning. My peak weeks were mapped out with more detail than I could have imagined, and he was available all throughout my show weekend for updates. With William, I have earned my absolute best physique to date with a HEALTHY and flexible prep, with no excessive cardio or food choice restrictions, because my health has always been his #1 priority. I even took the Overall Bikini Champion title at one of my competitions! I would highly recommend William as a coach.”

Brittney Stracener

” I’d like to first mention that William truly is a great coach. He lives and breathes the lifestyle and is constantly looking for new goals to hit on his personal journey. With everything that happened to me in the last three years, his approach and training techniques were the answer to repairing my metabolism. He has helped build back my confidence and has also shared his knowledge with me. After 2 months following his program my mental and physical state were stronger than they had ever been! Thank you so much William for helping me realize food is not the enemy and teaching me how to live a sustainable lifestyle!! You have played a huge role in my recent accomplishments and i want you to know that i appreciate all of your help!”

Caryn Mills

” I’d like to first mention that William truly is a great coach. He lives and breathes the lifestyle and is constantly looking for new goals to hit on his personal journey. With everything that happened to me in the last three years, his approach and training techniques were the answer to repairing my metabolism. He has helped build back my confidence and has also shared his knowledge with me. After 2 months following his program my mental and physical state were stronger than they had ever been! Thank you so much William for helping me realize food is not the enemy and teaching me how to live a sustainable lifestyle!! You have played a huge role in my recent accomplishments and i want you to know that i appreciate all of your help!”

Brittany Lesser

“When I decided I wanted to finally prep for a bikini competition, I knew I needed a good coach that not only knew what they were doing, but truly cared about their clients health as well. When I found William and emailed him, I immediately knew that he was the coach for me. He took the time to ask me a ton of questions – about my dieting history, if I knew about flexible dieting, and my goals all before I even committed to the contest prep. Throughout prep, he was attentive to answering all of my questions, and put my health first. I didn’t even feel like I was prepping for a competition, and I enjoyed it every step of the way. I was the only competitor who wasn’t on a meal plan and could eat anything I wanted as long as I hit my macros, I didn’t have to deplete water, sodium, or do anything crazy just to get on stage. We did things the right way, and I ended up placing FIRST in my height class and qualifying for nationals in my very first show! I could not have been happier, and working with William was the best decision I have ever made. I am continuing to work with him to reverse diet and build my metabolism, as well as for all of my future shows. He truly is an amazing coach, and I couldn’t recommend him enough”

Dani Krshka

“I’ve been a personal trainer for about 2 years now and got into lifting & competing around 3 years ago. When I first decided to do a show I had been lifting for only a few months and set a goal to do a bikini show only to mark it off the bucket list and be in the best shape of my life. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into, how much work it was going to be, and that my body (as well as my caloric intake) was no where near ready to be dieting down. I set my mind to do whatever it was going to take to look my “best”… and by that I mean 7 days a week of at least 45 minutes of fasted cardio, “clean foods” only, no dairy, no fruit, nothing processed, calories less than 1,000 a day, 2 hours in them gym, and basically no life outside of it all. Yes, I did look what I thought was the “best” I had in my life at the time…but I was at my all time scrawny best. By the time those long 11 miserable weeks were over, I was burnt out and wanted to eat everything in site…so I did. I can definitely say I developed some crazy food disorder that doesn’t even have a name yet. One week I was “refeeding” with massive amounts of food to the point where I wanted to throw up, and the next week I was going as low carb as possible while doing fasted cardio trying to make up for my binges. Also can’t forget to mention that on those low carb weeks I was so scared to eat an extra 5g of carbs because I thought it was going to make me fat (which doesn’t even make since, I know). I was mentally screwed for about 4 months post show. Between the time after my first bikini show (March, 2012) and before I started working with Will (January, 2014), I yo yo’ed like crazy trying to restore my metabolism and find peace with my confidence and image. I had in the back of my mind that I wanted to try and compete again one day but there was no part of me that wanted to go through what I did in the past, so I started looking for a coach. When I began with Will, we reverse dieted me for about 6 weeks before we started cutting me for the 2014 season and got me up to 235g carbs daily. I gained a little weight but I was actually looking better in some places and was very pleased with my gains in such a short amount of time. When we started cutting, I was literally shocked when Will told me that the prep diet was also going to be flexible. I had thought that was only done during the reverse dieting so I was excited but confused at the same time. Obviously, it worked, and NOW I can proudly say I’m in the best shape of my life. This prep was not even comparable to my last. I was a real human! Meaning I could actually think, have conversations with someone who wasn’t in prep mode, go out in public outside of work, and actually live my normal life the way I like to. When it came to prepare for the stage, I could actually focus on my routine rather than (like most of the other girls) how tired I was and what/how much I was going to eat afterwards. I ended the season with a 1st place bikini novice and 3rd place bikini open at one show, and also got 4th place bikini open at a much larger show. What Will has taught me about flexible dieting has literally changed both my life and my fiancé’s (who also competes). Like I said above, my first bikini show I did only to mark it off the list. But now, I literally have a new found love and passion for it. Both my fiancé and I feel like its now realistic to keep competing & improving our physiques while still living a normal life by going out and having dinner & wine together without feeling guilty afterwards. I no longer fear carbs and enjoy finding new and exciting meals to have that I had once banned myself from. There’s no going back now and I have coach Will to thank for that!

Jenn Rotsinger, Pro Powerlifter & All time record holder

“I have been using William Grazione’s nutritional advice for the past six months. In that time, I have lost an inch from my waist and hips, increased my caloric maintenance from 1,500 to 2,000 per day, decreased my recovery time between workouts, and have dropped a competitive weight class – all while getting stronger! William’s approach to dieting/ weight management allows flexibility while still seeing results. If you are an athlete who wants to take your game to the next level or an average Joe who just wants to look and feel better, I would highly recommend William Grazione’s nutritional services. I am so glad I did.”

Blair Bailey

“Since starting my program with coach, I have found it amazingly encouraging and beneficial to have such a knowledgeable and realistic source of support from William Grazione. After going through a previous prep with a closed-minded coach, hours and hours of cardio, and a very tough port-show period, I was blown away that I was not only able to reach my LEANEST physique EVER, but I was able to do it via Flexible Dieting in which I was completely in charge of my own food choices, and I did not have to spend 4 hours a day in the gym, 7 days a week. Show day was SO enjoyable, I cannot describe how great it was to be able to enjoy the day without worrying about taking diuretics and dehydrating myself, eating tasteless, terrible food, and then blowing out my stomach and progress with post show binges /William’s kindness show through his coaching, wheter it’s through his personal responses to my various mental struggles post show, or his constant encouragement through all stages of this journey, whether on prep or not, I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful person to look up to as a coach and mentor.”

Samantha Standford

“I’ve been with Will on and off (as available for me as a college student) essentially since I started lifting over 3 years ago. He’s led me through periods of reverse dieting, a bikini prep, and through the current, lifestyle dieting period I’m doing currently. When I first came to him years ago, I was a mental, emotional, and (in my eyes) metabolic wreck. I had been a cross country runner for a long time and was recovering from an eating disorder. I was insecure and questioned everything that he was doing with me to get me back to a bodily and mentally healthy point. He’s patient with any and all struggles that I have had, and I know that I would not be the athlete nor mentally strong person that I am today without his influence on me. I’ve only had 3 coaches in my life, but let me tell you…he’s one of the good ones. What separates Will from other coaches is the individual interest he takes in his clients; he doesn’t just throw me some macros and send me on my way. He takes an interest in what I’m doing in my LIFE, asks me about how I’m doing in my education; he cares about me as a client on a personal level. When you’re with Will, you’re not just a client, you’re part of the Metabolic Evolution family. Our team is full of inspiring, hardworking, and helpful individuals, some of whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet and interact with. I can 110% attest to the positive impact he’s making on this industry. He diets and preps people in the healthiest ways possible, and I feel very blessed to have found him so early in my fitness career. So thank you Will for all that you do!”

Bianca Valencia

“Coach Will was my coach for my very first bikini competition and I couldn’t have been any more grateful for his guidance. He guided me through my whole prep journey teaching me and answering all my questions and/or concerns as I was going through the prep process. He provided me with my training as well as weekly updates and macros based on my physique, energy and performance. The one thing about working with Will that I appreciated so much was his ability to not only tell me what my next step was but explain why and he took his time to actually teach me. I was constantly learning something new not only about my own body but just health in general. I went from barley intaking 100g of carbs sitting at 125lbs before working with him to intaking 200g of carbs now at 120lbs with much more energy, I’m less fatigue, less headaches, and overall better performance in the gym! He always put my health as a priority and implemented strategies to make sure the prep wasn’t detrimental to my overall health. From carb cycling to diet breaks he makes sure to guide you to your goal with the intention to keep you as healthy as possible at the same time. Can’t wait to continue my journey with him.”

Kelsey D’Antonio

“I have been working with Will for about a year and a half. Ever since we started working together, he has always made health my number one priority. After working with coaches who absolutely wrecked my body with caloric restriction and an excessive amount of cardio, working with Will has been a GAME CHANGER. Will prepped me for the Olympia Amateur without taking any drastic measures. Although I had my days, I felt amazing for the majority of my prep. Will is the the most educated, honest, down to earth coach that I have ever worked with. Not only has he improved my physique, but he has taught me what it means to live a balanced, healthy, enjoyable lifestyle. And talk about making his clients his #1 priority, he was even responding to me on my peak week when Hurricane Irma was hitting Florida with full force. Will is currently guiding me through my reverse diet. He currently has me eating triple the amount of calories I was on during show prep, with only about a 3-pound weight gain from my stage weight. Will has changed my life, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a coach in the industry. “

Dr. Hannah Brandt

Working with William Grazione is exactly like what you would expect if you follow him on social media in the best of ways. He takes an evidence based approach while truly getting to know his client and her (in my case) unique self in order to get the best results without cutting corners or sacrificing long term metabolic health. You get William, the coach, supporter, all around genuine trainer. I came to William with exceedingly high expectations as a doctor of physical therapy, a fellow online fitness coach with a NASM personal training certification, and a professional nutrition certification. I expect a coach of mine to be able to use the most up to date evidence and William did just that. I know what to do in a weight loss journey, however even the best of us need coaches ourselves from time to time for an outside perspective and accountability. I came to William after I let my birthday/reverse diet turn into an all out feasting fest for 4+ months and I NEEDED to get some fat off. Most of my favorite pieces of clothing no longer fit, and the garments that did fit were snug to say the least. I was on a hard deadline of upcoming travels that was going to involve long, challenging hikes and I knew getting a good bit of weight off would help a great deal. That is where William came in. He was skeptical at first to trust me and my adherence to a program, and rightly so, but after I gained his trust as a compliant client he was eager and proactive in pushing me in order to reach my goals. We then implemented a post diet plan to restore my metabolic baseline and maintain my leaner physique. I recommend William Grazione as a coach without reservation to novice weight loss clients and skilled trainers alike. He is wonderful and I couldn’t have been on top if this mountain without an oxygen tank if it wasn’t for him!

Olivia Ostrom

“Working with Will has been an absolute pleasure. He is a book of knowledge and is highly educated around how to transform the human body. When I first started working with Will, I was in a plateau of not being able to put on the muscle mass I was looking for. Within a few weeks of working with Will, I was amazed by the progress I had already made in such a short amount of time. While working together, we worked on increasing my maintenance calories, which allowed me to maintain my body fat % and increase my learn muscle mass. Will continuously educated myself on the reasons for all of his decisions and I am so grateful for our time together.”

Alyssa Wunderlich

“Working with Will was one of the best decisions I have EVER made! Prior to working with Will, I would undereat and overtrain as a college athlete. I was exhausted and still couldn’t achieve my goal weight. Working with Will has completely changed my perception of dieting and has allowed me to lose body fat in a sustainable way. He has helped me lose 30 pounds, reach my goal weight, and has given me the tools to keep it off! Will’s knowledge about nutrition and training is unmatched. He utilizes evidence-based approaches to nutrition and training and is informed on the most current research in the field. On top of that, he genuinely cares about each of his clients well-being and prioritizes mental and physical health. This short-term investment has truly changed my life and will lead to a lifetime of sustainable, healthy habits. I would recommend Metabolic Evolution to anybody who wants to learn about the best nutrition and training practices and live a healthy lifestyle!”

Annie Casey

“Growing up as a young child, my passion was the sport of gymnastics. It was not just a sport to fill the time after school; it was a responsibility to uphold and provided structure that assisted me in accomplishing my goals as a young adult. My dedication and hard work defined me as “the gymnast” for many years. At the age of 17, I experienced an injury that resulted me to retire from the competitive sport and take a step back to re-examine my life apart from being an athlete. In a loss of what I wanted to do, I wanted to continue keeping my health and body in shape, and learn more about the human body. I took the time to research possible wellness coaching through the internet and found William through a former competitive bikini competitor, Amanda Bucci. I followed her own journey with William in competing in shows as her wellness coach. With seeing her continued success, I reached out to William where I was impressed right away with his ability to get in touch with me as soon as possible. I was able to talk about my goals where William educated me every day with the proper knowledge of how use flexible dieting through macro counting and healthy habitual changes into my daily routine. I learned the importance of implementing consistency and my drive only began to grow every day and see physical results to my physique and health goals. William’s guidance in his coaching through following a structured lifting routine and flexible dieting approach has allowed me to my goals. William continued to challenge me and remind me to stay consistent to my personal goals and not to compare my results to others. In the last six months, my motivation was challenged every day, but I have realized I am the only person to reach my desired goals, and that it is essential to have the proper support along the way. I have grown to learn that life experiences have shaped who I am. I now recognize that I have the ability to accept the past and can look positively to an unknown future. From this experience I have gained a second chance to move forward with confidence and perseverance. William is someone I would call a close individual who has inspired me day in a day out. I plan to continue working with him in perusing my goals and hope to influence others with the knowledge he has educated me. My experience so far has changed my passion for the sport of gymnastics to a focus on staying fit by maintaining a healthy diet and implement daily workout that are focused towards my aesthetic and wellbeing goals. There is so much more to experience and learn as a balanced individual and ambitious human being. As I begin to pursue my career goals, I will draw on what I learned from the past and the help with William’s support to continue to expand on who I truly want to become.”

Nikki Stewart

“Low carb diets, keto diets, juice diets, nutrisystem- we’ve all heard them before- the fad diets that make up our society. It can be a bit overwhelming with just how much information is actually out there. So how do you know how much of it is correct? Who do you turn to? Like many, I hired a coach to guide me down the right path. I woke up everyday at 6am for fasted cardio. I remember feeling so weak and tired that by 45 minutes, I was ready to pass out. I would finish up my cardio, head to class for 8 hours, and then head back to the gym for my lift. I was training twice a day, everyday, in an extreme deficit. Eating barley 75g of carbs, I could barely function in my everyday life, not to mention how weak I felt during my lifts. I imagined that this is what dieting was like- that all competitors dealt with these same demons. Worst of all, this thought process wasn’t a result of my own misguidance. No, rather this misconception was entirely at the hands of my so called “coach”. I put coach in parenthesis because let’s think for a second what it truly means to be a good coach. A good coach assesses and teaches you- shows you the right path and explains to you the steps to get you there. A good coach holds you accountable- pushes you to be your best but recognizes that your health comes first. A good coach listens and understands you- pays attention to your concerns and believes in you when you may not even believe in yourself. And lastly, a good coach supports and loves you- encourages you regardless of a trophy or a winning title. I never knew what a good coach was- what a good coach was supposed to be. That is, until I found William. Although I didn’t hire William for a bikini prep, we did embark on a lifestyle cut together. Seeing my body change week to week was such a sensational, empowering feeling. By the end of the cut, I had lost a little over 10lbs of fat & my body fat % went down by 7%. Although visibly seeing my physique improve each week was amazing, working with an individual as knowledgeable and caring as Will was the best part of this experience for me… Will exemplifies what it means to be a good coach. Week to week, he coached me, listened to me, and most of all- supported me. Thanks to Will, I’ve never felt better. We didn’t restrict calories, implement excessive amounts of cardio, or overtrain. We were patient with my body and we found an approach that worked for me. The knowledge and friendship I’ve gained from working with him is indescribable. I can’t thank him enough or encourage others enough to take the leap and join the Metabolic Evolution fam – You won’t regret it.”

Paula Danuta

I started working with William in June 2016. I fell in love with fitness and lifting and felt that I need a proper guidance. I was also considering competing at some point. I was very hesitant when William advised me first that we should go through ‘gaining’ season to work on my metabolism and build more muscles, before starting to cut down. Naturally, as a female I was scared to gain weight and I had a lot of concerns as I thought we would start dieting straight away. Nevertheless, I trusted Will and as you can see it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made. We managed to boost my metabolism and I also gained muscle tissue, so when we started cutting my hard work could be revealed and I was even leaner. Moreover due to us working for many months before the cut, with a high calorie intake, my competition prep was not that exhausting and still enjoyable. I am so grateful for coming across such a wonderful, knowledgeable and experienced coach as William. He taught me to trust the process, put the work in and I will see results. He showed me that numbers on the scale are nothing when you are seeing your body composition changing without scary and draining diets. He was there with me each step of the way. Despite me living in the UK, my prep with William run smoothly and I could always rely on his guidance and assistance. His knowledge about training and nutrition is outstanding as he helped me tremendously not only in reaching my body goals but to become a better person outside and inside. Thank you Will, I could not have chosen a better mentor during my fitness journey than you!

Emily Faucher

” I had been lifting weights for a couple of years with the goal of eventually cutting some weight and having a leaner physique. Once I finally decided to take the leap and start prepping for my first bikini competition, I reached out to William to find out more about his coaching services. He responded right away and asked me a lot of detailed questions to make sure I was in the right place metabolically to start a bikini competition prep. Before I even officially started working with him, he gave me suggestions to follow for the few months leading up to the start date of my bikini prep to put me in the best place health-wise. Throughout my prep, he was extremely encouraging and we did not have to push to any extremes to get me ready for my first show. He takes educating his clients seriously and would go out of his way to put together live videos where he would answer all of our questions in great detail. After meeting him in person at the Arnold Expo in Ohio, it was apparent that he was not only knowledgeable but also an extremely caring person whose passion in life is to help others through offering first rate education and support! I never thought that I would be able to attain my current physique and it is all thanks to having a great coach to guide me through the process and make educated adjustments to my macronutrients and training as needed. The process went smoother than I could have ever imagined! I highly recommend working with William and look forward to working with him in the future!”

Kate Horney

“Whether you’re looking to compete in a bikini/figure competition or just want to look good and feel great for yourself and your kids, I highly recommend working with William and utilizing the strategies of flexible dieting. The Fitness Industry is not where it should be when it comes to resources for women- especially busy moms. I’ve heard horror stories of women who want to compete and are given diets of nothing but chicken and broccoli, combined with hours upon hours of cardio. Don’t do it! There is a better way. If you want to learn how to reach your goals, you need a healthy and balanced nutritional approach. And as busy moms, sometimes it’s nice to have one less thing to think about- that’s where William comes in. Get the energy you need to keep up with your kids while having a nutrition plan that will leave you feeling confident on stage (or in life!).”

Sophia Espinosa

“Coach Will is AMAZING! He truly cares about his clients and that is a rarety in the fitness industry today. His response times are very nicely timed and he puts in 100 percent effort into every email he writes. It is so individualized and really makes the client feel supported in all aspects. Highly recommend him!”

Sarah Richter

“I will first start by saying that choosing William as my coach has been the best decision that I have made in my fitness journey. He has gone above and beyond every expectation that I ever could have had for a coach. I started working with him in December of 2015 to get ready for my first show of 2016. I recently competed in that show and placed 2nd in my Bikini Open class. He took every ounce of stress and the aspect of second guessing myself completely out of the picture. (Clearly us females are fabulous at overthinking things and stressing ourselves out for no reason! Haha!) While backstage, I could overhear other girls talking about what all they were going to binge eat after the show…and some even having a couple days worth of eating hiatuses planned out. Meanwhile, all I could think about was the fact that these horrible binge thoughts never once crossed my mind. If this isn’t proof that I had an amazing coach that kept my overall health at the highest priority, I’m not sure what is. Thank you, Coach! Not only for helping me bring my best package to the stage, but for keeping my overall health as the number one priority!”

Brianna Neuwirth

“My journey with William started just over a year ago. At that time, I was weight training five times per week, performing hours of cardio, and tracking macros diligently. I had even worked with a few other online “coaches”, yet I had not achieved any of the physique goals I was chasing. I concluded that as a result of a “slow metabolism” and “bad genetics”, reaching my goals was an impossible dream. Over the last 12 months, William has exceeded my every expectation! Under William’s guidance, both my reverse diet and cutting phases were incredibly successful. Utilizing an entirely flexible approach that included appropriate diet breaks, William took me from 21% to 12.5% body fat, while maintaining lean mass and drastically increasing strength. According to my post-diet DEXA scan, I lost a total of 17lbs: 14lbs fat tissue and only 3lbs lean mass! This result was all the more amazing, as I had sustained stress fractures in both femurs that left me unable to do heavy leg training for 12 weeks. I had expected to lose significant muscle mass, so I was elated to see that I had been able to preserve most of it thanks to William’s careful planning. Most coaches are willing to force weight loss just to please their client, even at great cost to that clients’ physical and mental well-being. William truly cares about long-term results and is unwilling to compromise his integrity to deliver a “quick fix”. In my case, starting with the reverse diet paid off huge when it came time to enter the fat loss phase. As promised, William created a plan for me that was completely manageable, with only slight macro reductions when necessary and minimal cardio throughout the process (even a couple weeks of no cardio due to the femur injury). I never imagined that a fat loss phase could be such a positive and rewarding experience, yet William made it just that! Most days I still can’t believe what we’ve accomplished in 12 short months. When I started with William, I was just an average girl who only dreamed of competing in a fitness-related sport. Though I wasn’t a competitor at the time, I definitely had the desire. Yet, I lacked confidence and self-belief; I felt the best I would be able to do would still be average. However, as a direct result of William’s constant support, unfailing encouragement and coaching genius, I recently competed in my first powerlifting meet, even setting the Colorado state bench press record for my weight class! All this at my leanest, most muscular physique ever! William has given me the drive and confidence to set even bigger goals for myself in the coming months and years. To say William’s coaching has changed my life for the better is an understatement. Physically, I have watched my body transform into something I never dreamed possible! William’s guidance has cured my “sluggish metabolism” and dispelled my belief in “bad genetics”. Beyond that, the mental transformation has come as an even bigger surprise. My relationship with food, the scale, my pant size, my perception of my reflection in the mirror, and my overall self-esteem have improved beyond belief! I’ve gained a confidence that carries into every aspect of my life. I have the body and mind I’ve always wanted; no longer at war with one another, they now play for the same team…. Team Metabolic Evolution! Thank you William! You are a masterful coach and an incredible human being. It’s an honor to be one of your clients!”

Karina Gardano, NPC Champion, Trainer

“Will has helped me achieve my goals in a healthful and sustainable way. I would refer him to anyone. Why? He is extremely knowledgeable, responsive, compassionate, professional, encouraging and honest. “Hello, my name is Karina and I’m a former low carber and cardio junkie.” My journey : I’ve been a fitness fanatic my whole adult life. I’ve taught group exercise classes for 10 years, was previously a personal trainer and a distance runner. I’ve ran 11 full marathons, over 40 half marathons and countless shorter distance races. Along the way, about 5 years ago, I completed a Figure and Fitness Model Competition. I worked with a coach who had me on a restrictive meal plan, cardio 5 days+ a week and a typical peak week depletion and dehydration protocol. After the show, due to all the restrictions, I experienced a traumatic post show rebound where I gained significant weight and was miserable. After yo-yo dieting for some time and dealing with binge eating I worked through this and lost the weight while eating low carb and exercising A LOT. I said I would never compete again due to the horrible post-competition experience. Also, all these ups and downs and excessive exercise really damaged my metabolism. Fast forward to July 2015 when I started to get the itch to try competing again. However, I wanted to take a flexible dieting approach. I’ve known Will for many years and reached out to him for guidance. I expressed my concerns and he assured me we would be implementing a lifestyle approach versus a 12 week crash diet show plan. So, with Will’s coaching I successfully completed a Bikini Competition in December 2015 and took home a 4th and 5th place finish in two competitive divisions. This was with no crazy peak week “tricks” like water and sodium manipulation and minimal cardio throughout training. The best part? 3 months post show and I am THE SAME WEIGHT as my show weight! Will’s methodical approach of decreasing my cardio, increasing my carbs, increasing my overall caloric intake slowly has helped me get to the point I’m doing almost zero cardio and my metabolism is now restored. The plan is to do another show in May or June 2016 and I have total confidence Will’s coaching will help me have another great experience. Will has helped me change my life and I am extremely grateful and proud to call him my coach.”

Zoey Panzarino, IFBB PRO

“I couldn’t have asked for a better coach for my first season as a bikini competitor. Over the past five months working with William, I have learned so much about the fitness industry, nutrition, and how my body responds to different foods and training styles. Before working with Will, I had no experience with a coach and was setting my own macros and training plan. It was important to me to work with someone who also preached flexible dieting and wouldn’t sacrifice my health to get “stage lean”. William is just that person and more! He completely encompasses this lifestyle and understands how important overall health is when cutting or prepping for a show. He always communicated the how’s and why’s to the changes we were making throughout the process to teach me the scientific reasoning behind everything, rather just than just telling me what to do next. I competed in both the NPC and NGA federations this season, and talking with so many other competitors makes me appreciate Will and his coaching style even more. So many others had to deplete water and sodium drastically and were doing hours of cardio every day, where I was fully hydrated on show day, consuming 4g of sodium daily during peak week, and never had to do excessive amounts of cardio. He even takes the stress out of peak week by providing a detailed plan for each day, and is in constant communication especially on show day. How much better of a prep could you ask for?! I placed in all 3 of my shows this season, winning Overall Bikini Novice in the NPC and NGA, and am nationally qualified in the NPC. William has been supportive, motivating, and honest since day 1 and I am so proud to call him my coach. Not only that, but as a part of Team Metabolic Evolution I have joined one big family and support system. I can definitely say with confidence that I have achieved my absolute best physique and am in the best shape of my life. William has done more for me than prep me for competition season, he has completely transformed my lifestyle.”

Altara “FEE” Warren 3x Pro Natural figure Champion

“I literally just started competing last year. I did three competitions and was awarded my pro card at my 3rd show. For a rookie in the game, that is a very quick and rare climb to professional status. I was able to achieve this because of my drive and self motivation. I’m not afraid of hard work and sacrifices, and that is exactly what it took last year to get me through all three of those shows. The preparations for those shows were excruciating and annoying, not because of the exercise portion-the workouts are the fun part. But because of the nutrition portion where I basically was confined to eating chicken, fish, beef, broccoli, every single day, 6x a day. I dreaded eating, which meant 6x per day I was basically depressed and disgusted. It was to the point that I had even contemplated if competing was really worth this misery. Fortunately, I decided to try something different and reached out to William who introduced me to the world of flexible dieting. Lets just say I have never enjoyed prepping for a show as much as I have with this style of training! I enjoy having the option to still eat foods that I like, as long as I’m following macro guidelines and giving it my all in my workouts. As you can see, I was able to achieve results without having to completely compromise my desire for tasty foods. I’m a firm believer in doing what you love and love what you do. However I was quickly beginning to lose my love for this sport when I was restricted to a diet that had me choking down baked fish for breakfast, and then a binge session once every 3 weeks, better known as the infamous “cheatmeal.” But working with William has made me look at contest prepping in a brand new light and has help me to realize that dieting for a show does not have to feel like you’re serving a prison sentence. You should still have some freedom!”

Kristina Angeli WBFF PRO

“‘Healthy’ is not typically a compliment you receive when on stage at a bodybuilding competition, but it is the compliment that mattered most to me (and I would argue William) when I was awarded professional status at my most recent show whilst I was coached under William’s guidance. I did not come to William in the healthiest metabolic state, and my prep did not go as smooth as planned, but I was constantly reassured, educated, and supported every step of the way. William ensured my health was top priority whilst getting my body into show condition; he is never hesitant to share his knowledge to ensure you are comfortable with the process and have no questions that remain unanswered. William has the knowledge to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, and the compassion to ensure you get there in the best way possible. I look forward to working with him well into the future.”

Diana Puentes (NPC Bikini Champion)

“My whole fitness journey started in 2013 when I decided to compete in the NPC as a bikini competitor. Long story short had a terrible experience with starvation and extreme diets along with extreme rebound after my second show. At the time I had heard of the so called IIFYM; which many people had told me it did not work or would only work with people who were already in shape, which at the time I obviously was not. I had gained 30 lbs in the very little time of three weeks!!! Yikes! While doing my own research about this flexible dieting stuff I came upon William Grazione’s website. i finally felt I had found what I was looking for. Decided to take the chance and give this new lifestyle a chance. I wanted to step back on that stage so bad but One thing was for sure. I was not going to put myself thru what I had done before. Started to work with William beginning of 2014 and all I have to say is that has been the best decision Ever. He not only helped me out with my physique and being able to step back on stage 2015 but most importantly He always put my mental and physical health first! He helped me found that balanced life I have always been looking for! I reached my goal to step back on stage the healthy and safe way. No extremes. No restrictions. Finding Willian and hiring him as my coach has been a blessing in my life! He is not only an amazing Coach but he is a beautiful soul. I can say More than my coach; He is my Friend!”

Corina Nielsen

“Working with William was one of the best things I ever did for my overall health and body. As an average mother and wife who does not compete in bodybuilding or power lifting, he not only helped me reach my own personal goals, he set me up for long term success! I feel confident that I have learned life long strategies to maintain and progress on my own. I went from feeling helpless and alone on my journey to feeling empowered and happy in my own body regardless of the stage I was in. My relationship with food improved and I became proud of the body I was able to achieve with his guidance. William is extremely knowledgeable and was always able to answer all of my questions and concerns with no hesitation. There is no denying the care and attention that goes into each and every client William works with. His clients health is his #1 concern, as it should be. I’m grateful for the help and tools William has given me!”

Hannah Wallace

“I first started lifting my senior year of high school. I was instantly hooked! I also started to change my diet at that point and I lost 20lb! I wasn’t eating nearly enough though. I was light headed and starving the whole day. I was miserable and after a while I hit a plateau. I then fell off track and started to binge. I forgot how much I LOVED food! I gained all my weight back plus more. I wanted to take lifting to the next level and decided to do a figure competition. I was on your typical 6 meals a day and 1 1/2 hours of cardio. I got lean but not enough and I hardly had any muscle maturity. After my show I, again, binged. Gained all my weight back plus some. Then my husband ran across Layne Norton and Layne referred us to William. Seriously the best decision I’ve ever made! Since working with William I have learned balance with food, lifting, and life. I am able to be comfortable in my own skin and not be afraid of food. LADIES and GENTS, I wouldn’t even think twice about working with William. He is seriously so encouraging and motivating! Whenever I second guess myself, he always reassures me. Also, it’s more personal. He doesn’t just throw a meal plan at you and expect you to be perfect. He understands that life happens and makes the process more enjoyable! I am eating more and lifting more than I ever have in my entire life. I am so thankful to William for his efforts and I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend working with him!!”

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