Kim Thornton

The Educated Dieter, LLC Coach

About Kim Thornton

Born and raised in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, I’ve always been an athletic individual, dabbling in everything from martial arts and dance, to gymnastics as a child.

I formally joined our local gym, back in late 2017 at age 27, in an effort to build back muscle I’d lost to almost a decade of under eating and restrictive dieting. At age 18, I’d lost a substantial amount of weight, after a highly successful weight loss endeavour. As a result of all the compliments I received, I felt a great deal of pressure to maintain my new size. This effectively lead to life in a permanent diet, terrified of weight gain. After almost ten years of continuous dieting, broken up by the occasional rebound, I realised I was shrinking away (and had lost a considerable amount of muscle mass along the way). Around 2016, I acknowledged that this lifestyle was no longer sustainable and that my long term health was becoming increasingly at risk.

Once I’d gained back a healthy amount of weight, I sought to build back some of the muscle mass I’d lost which is when I joined the gym. After a few personal training sessions, I fell in love with resistance training. I loved unlocking new skills, learning new lifts, seeing my strength improve and watching my body transform. In conjunction with this, I also sought to improve my knowledge and understanding of nutrition; delving into the world of energy balance, eating to fuel performance and, most importantly, seeking to understand what sustainable and healthy strategies for fat loss looked like. Whilst doing some research, I stumbled upon Will’s content on YouTube, specifically a video in which he discussed the practice of “reverse dieting” (something I had never heard of before then). This immediately hit home with me, addressing the part of the puzzle that had always been missing for me; “what happens after the diet”. From there, I continued studying Will’s content. I found his Instagram page and began listening and reading intently, absorbing the information with keen interest. With the information I’d gathered from his content, I was able to put together a diet plan which saw me effortlessly lose 10lbs in 10 weeks, and getting into the best shape of my life in time for a two week vacation in Thailand, late 2018.

I was so blown away with the results, I simply had to reach out to Will and share with him my story. I had to thank him for this life changing information. Will himself was pretty blown away to learn how impactful his content had been, positively influencing the life of another person half way across the planet. From here, a friendship was formed! Will extended his hand and continued to share his knowledge and expertise with me. With Will’s guidance, I was able to learn how to train more effectively, and fuel my performance with appropriate nutrition, in order to optimise my results! I also continued to further my education with a formal certification, earning my Level 2 Fitness Instructor certificate.. My relationship with food, my body and myself was transformed forever for the better. Fast forward to late 2019, when I’d fallen so much in love with bodybuilding that I decided it was time to compete. Naturally, I reached out to Will for guidance and requested that he coach me for my first ever competition season. After a mind blowingly successful 23 week long prep, I managed to get into the absolute best condition of my life (yet again). Unfortunately, the competition season was not to be when it was cancelled due to the pandemic crisis. Fortunately, this gave way to even greater opportunities.


Earlier in the year, Will had encouraged me to begin reaching out and helping others, which I did. I started at the beginning of the year with just a couple of individuals. By mid-quarantine, with having so much free time on my hands, I was helping up to 6 people, free of charge, and all of them were seeing fantastic results! I instantly fell in love with the process of helping others and soon realised this was what I wanted to be doing (and not my previous accounting job). This prompted me to begin studying for my Level 3 PT certificate so that one day I might be able to begin work in a gym. It was an absolute dream come true when Will asked me to join his team of coaches, presenting me with the opportunity to share my knowledge with others and help change lives with the same education that had helped transform my own! I consider myself truly fortunate to be working alongside two such fantastic and knowledgeable individuals, Will and Gillis, who are helping me to further my education by imparting their expert knowledge with me! 

What I love most about T.E.D. is the sense of community. The weekly open calls really create this feeling of being part of a wider family, sharing our personal experiences! Everyone is learning, and growing, together! I feel so invested in this cause; providing education to others, like that which I had received that had so positively changed and improved my quality of life. To this day, I continue to be committed to learning and improving my quality of service to my clientele. 

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