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Marco Dalabona

3X Natural Body Building Pro Champion

“William not only helped me achieve my professional status but also opened my eyes to a much more efficient and healthier way to manage my contest preparation. I first met William Grazione as an opponent in a local competition in Sanford Florida. I was very impressed with his conditioning but mostly with the way he carried himself as a person and athlete. After that show we became friends and I started following his consecutive track record of victories and his excellent conditioning every time he stepped on stage.

I’ve been competing for over five years and was also very surprised by William’s consistency in his conditioning and improvements. In 2011, after winning the Overall title at the NGA Sunshine State Classic, I realized that something was missing and that I was still unable to achieve my best. That was when I made the decision to have a coach. I didn’t have to think twice! I contacted William immediatly. Ever since 2012, together we’ve been able to take my physique to a whole different level by increasing my metabolic rate by over 600 calories a day with a much leaner body composition as well.

William is not only a great athlete but a tremendous coach. During my preparation, he displayed a superb work ethic and organization. He also demonstrated a true concern not only with my success but more importantly a concern for my overall wellness.”

Hussein Daher

Undefeated Natural Bodybuilder

“From as I far as I can go back, working out has always been a passion of mine. Entering the gym is walking into my world, barricading my social life, school life, and work life. I’m in there to clear my brain, build muscle and have some fun. Thanks to William Grazione, Body building has entered into my life, creating a new lifestyle that I absolutely love.

William has helped me create an entire new lifestyle; workout programs and eating regimen that has lead me to becoming an IFPA pro as well as a DFAC pro bodybuilder. I am extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful coach as he has been to me, truly caring for his athletes by motivating, driving, inspiring, and being a great friend. He has extraordinary knowledge in building muscle, strength, and fat loss. It has been such a wonderful opportunity to have become truly educated.

I cannot say I would be the person I was today if it were not for William, from having a completely different outlook on macro nutrients which I could never mentally let go of, to it teaching me to be self disciplined and that I could achieve any goal in life aspects.

These past few years have been awesome working with such an extraordinary person and athlete, and I look forward for our future endeavors on and off the stage”

Layne Norton

Phd Nutritional Sciences, BioLayne LLC, & Natural Pro Bodybuilder

When I got into the fitness industry I was really naive as to how may BAD coaches were out there. This industry is littered with people who have no education, no integrity, and are willing to sacrifice their clients health at every turn just to promote themselves more. I honestly believe 95% of coaches are garbage and am very hesitant to recommend people to other coaches because of it. However, William Grazione is one of the good guys. William has a degree in exercise science, is an accomplished bodybuilder himself, someone I’ve worked with for prep who understands the proper principles of safe and effective nutrition & training coaching. But more than any of those credentials, what makes William a great coach is that he genuinely cares about people. I would trust William to coach my own wife. I highly recommend him as someone I trust.

Jaymes Longstrom

M.S. Exercise Science, Physique

“I had been putting off competing and a lot of other goals in life for a long time. I finally decided to hire a coach and pursue my long standing goal of competing in a bodybuilding show. I came across William online and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with him. When I met William I never would have imagined he would have such an impact on me. He literally changed the direction of my life.

Being an exercise science student I had a solid knowledge base but was unsure how to translate it into practical knowledge. William bridged that gap for me by teaching me everything I ever wanted to know about training and nutrition. I consider payment to William as tuition because he didn’t just recommend training and nutrition advice; he taught me how to implement healthy eating patterns and effective training principles based on scientific studies. His primary concern has always been my health and ensuring that I am able to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

William’s energy and positivity is contagious and he exudes happiness in all aspects of life. His work ethic is motivating and his passion for helping people achieve their goals is powerful. It was a blessing for me to find William, he has become more than just a coach, he is a mentor, a motivator, a role model, and most importantly a friend. My only wish is that I met him years sooner. William is a genuine, whole hearted person who does everything he can to help others, his selflessness is inspirational. Thank you William, I am very grateful for all that you’ve done and all that you do! I am looking forward to my future endeavors with your continued support. “

Jeremy Coleman

NPC Champion

“In the spring of 2015, I made the decision to return to the bodybuilding stage after a 3 year hiatus. I reached out to William and he responded back to me agreeing to take me on as a client. Candidly speaking, I never heard of him before however someone I know highly recommended him so dare say I took a leap of faith.

One thing I particularly liked about William’s guidance was his ability to be flexible and make adjustments on the fly. Some coaches are prisoners of their methods and won’t deviate regardless of the situation. Time and time again William displayed that he’s capable and knowledgeable enough to obtain results from a multitude of approaches.

Another thing that stood out to me was William’s attitude. He’s not someone that needed to poke his chest out and bloviate about his coaching abilities, success with clients, etc. I never got the impression that he would blow smoke up my a double crooked letter and tell me only what I wanted to hear.

When it was all said and done, the smoked cleared and the dust finally settled, I along with William’s help, was able to bring a competitive physique to the big, bad NPC stage. I was fortunate enough to win my class as a lightweight in the NPC Mike Matarazzo Classic and as a welterweight in the NPC West Virginia State/Mid Atlantic Grand Prix. Despite my immense fatigue, some trepidation, the physical violence I wanted to unleash on William when he had the unmitigated audacity to increase my cardio “AND” lower my macros, it was an unprecedented and very fulfilling experience. I must be a glutton for punishment because I’m already focused on what’s next. “

Lex Kovacs

Natural Pro Bodybuilder

“Over the past 11 years of my weightlifting and training career, I have trained with a very diverse range of trainers and coaches. Many of them taught me incredible things but none of which fit my lifestyle and my needs more perfectly then William Grazione. At first I was hesitant about using an online trainer, because it was my first time. But after working with Will for only a few weeks I realized that I was working with one of the best. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and his attention to detail is bar none the best I have ever worked with.

I would highly recommend William Grazione to anyone who is looking to do anything in the competitive fitness industry. It’s amazing to see a bodybuilding coach who puts safety and personal well-being at the forefront of his vision when working with clients. I’ve never seen someone care so much about the actual health of his clients until I had the opportunity to work with Will.

After a 26 week contest prep under Will’s care, I earned my NGA professional bodybuilding pro card that I had been working on for the past five years. He got me in the best shape of my life and even prepared me for a third-place victory on the pro stage in Ohio.

If you want to be the best, you have to train with the best. Being a part of Team Metabolic Evolution is more than just a title, it’s a family!”

Joey Recktenwald

Natural Pro Mens Physique

“I approached William in 2013 after coming off a consecutive two-year competition spree in the NPC. After competing at the level I was at, I knew that there had to have been a more reasonable approach to getting stage ready while maintaining a social life. I searched through different forums and social media outlets, which finally led me to William. After doing my initial “interview” with him I knew he was going to be a great coach to work with based off the rapport we had in that conversation.
After making the proper adjustments with my diet and training, William and I were able to have a perfect season together. I won my Men’s Physique NGA pro card at the Gator Classic in Ormond Beach, FL and won again a few weeks later by taking both the Men’s Physique tall class and Overall at the Southern Cross in Daytona Beach, FL. To top off my first season under William, I wont my pro debut at the Champions and Challengers show in Tampa, FL.

I was lucky enough to be able to be a student of the game and a client while being coached under William. Everything he suggested I do, I would turn it around and ask him why and without hesitation he would give me an answer. He has no problem with educating his clients to best help them achieve a greater understanding of their own body, in turn setting them up for both a psychological and physiological healthy life.

William is a great coach, friend, and mentor.”

Dan Grefford

Top Canadian Natural Bodybuilder

“I’ve been competing in natural bodybuilding for many years now. I’ve tried every method of contest preparation that you can think of. The well known “eating clean” diets out there, doing tons of cardio, keto diets, fasted cardio, etc. In the past I’ve been coached by individuals that are seen in the fitness industry as ‘experts’.

When William Grazione introduced me to IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) type of eating, at first it took some getting used to, not only for learning the tracking macros part of it, but to get past the mental block of it’s ok to eat things not on the traditional ‘bro food or eat clean’ list. William was very gracious and patient at guiding me through these stages and now I can honestly say that this lifestyle IS a lifestyle that can be healthy and more importantly followed the rest of my life without having the stress of family functions, going on a trip, or celebrating any kind of occasion where I can’t eat a restrictive ‘meal plan’.

It really is a way of living life healthy, both physically and mentally. It’s interesting to note, all my previous coaches could not or would avoid, some of the questions I had regarding their protocols, and in hindsight I know it is because they didn’t know the answer. When I had questions with William (and believe me I had tons of them) he was always extremely patient and helpful, and more importantly if he didn’t know the answer (which was uncommon) he would point me where to look for the answer as opposed to shrugging me off and not valuing my questions.

Everyone loves to be given compliments, that is no surprise. But training with William, I fully respected any feedback he had in terms of constructive comments, because they were exactly that, constructive. He would lay out the game plan to help with any thing that needed help with. This is crucial for any competitor of course.

As well, when I was improving or looking good, he didn’t hesitate to let me know that, and hearing support and positivity from your coach goes beyond with what words can ever describe. I still remember when he said he was proud of all my hard work and what I had accomplished. I’m not used to hearing that at all, and when William described that – I knew it was coming from his heart and it made me feel extremely thankful, happy, and successful to what I wanted to achieve.

I full heartedly recommend William to any individual who is looking for a hard working, very intelligent, and trustful coach that you can actually reap the rewards of your investment both in the short term and long term.

Thank you William for all you have done for me. I can only hope to pass on to another the great freedom that can be achieved as a competitor, especially when we are currently in an industry that seems to focus on torture or a grueling non-scientific path of ego boosting war stories to get to the stage.. .when that simply doesn’t have to happen.

To add to this, I am now a top natural bodybuilder in all of Canada, and more is yet to come!”

Nick Joy

NGA Pro Natural Bodybuilder

“Before working with Will, I was a very strict “clean eater”. I was prepping for my first professional bodybuilding show using my old meal plan that my previous coach had given me for my first competition. I was flying solo hoping that I would be ready in time. With just six weeks left, I was lucky enough to have a friend recommend Will. Even with such short notice and very little time left to prep me for the stage he took me on. He was able to completely change my outlook on show prep, dieting, and the sport of bodybuilding as a whole in a matter of six weeks. Because of Will, I brought my best package yet to the stage and I was able to do it without being completely miserable in my prep. With his guidance I was able to learn to manage my food correctly, track my macros, and most importantly, maintain a positive relationship with food and avoid the traditional binge after my show. Thanks Will, for showing me the way, and providing the guidance I need for being the best I can be.”

Michea Witham


“Over 10 years ago, I fell in love with fitness and the process of improving my physique until I decided to take it to the next level and compete in the NPC Men’s Physique division three and a half years ago. For 3.5 years, I have competed in 4 bodybuilding competitions and strive to be better than the last. During this time, I have encountered and worked with many coaches, mentors, and fitness enthusiasts. William Grazione has been one of the most knowledgeable coaches I have ever had, and has helped me reach not only my best competition physique but the best shape of my life!

Immediately after I started working with Will, I saw just how knowledgeable he was and his passion for health and fitness. More importantly, he showed me that I wasn’t just another name on some list, but a client he saw value in. He demonstrated this in many ways including his prompt responses to all of my questions, emails, and updates and also with his attention to detail and thoroughness in his feedback. It was the time and effort he put in that made me feel valued as a client and comfortable during my entire contest prep.

I was extremely happy with the physique I brought to the Phoenix Europa stage, and could not have done it without Will’s expertise and guidance. In the end, I could not ask for a better coach and look forward to working with him again in the near future. I plan to continue improving and feel confident in doing so with my coach by my side. Thank you again Will, for everything!”

Tyler Morgan

Classic Physique

“I could not be happier with the outcome of this show and the process it took to get here. These pics were from the morning after the show at 191lbs (show weight was 184). Seems the junk food filled me out like crazy and I actually tightened up, which was something we never could have predicted/ never would have wanted to risk for this show, but might something we look toward in the future next time.

I’m going to have to take a break from coaching services so I can save up some money. I haven’t worked my second job in a month because it became too stressful working till 3am on weekends after being up at 4:30am Monday- Friday, and that money from my second job was what made me able to afford your services/ extra curricular activities in the first place. I enjoyed some food Saturday and Sunday, and got back to the lifestyle i love to live today – hitting my macros, enjoying foods, eating healthy, etc.

The judges told me I had the best presentation of everyone in the show, and just need more size mostly, specially thickness in the back. I’m going to reverse diet to the point where I feel a good balance between how I look and how much I’m eating. Id love to stay around where we were at 8-10 weeks out, I was very happy with how I looked and eating plenty of food with minimal cardio, when I get to where I want to be the plan is to stay lean and enjoy summer, then I will be bulking getting ready for the next show starting around September. When I think I’m in a position to start a prep and get back on stage with some quality added muscle well do another show.

After I save up a little I’d like to do coaching again and work with you in my off season. I think with enough time and hard work I could be competitive on a national stage. I’m not willing to sacrifice my health or happiness to get there, but I am willing to work as hard as necessary.

Thank you so much for everything. You’ve restored my confidence in myself as a competitor, something I totally lost after my last show. I wish you all the best, keep doing what you’re doing, you’re changing lives for the better. Keep in touch! Look for my email soon so we can start working together again, this is just the beginning for us. I wouldn’t want to get up on stage with any other coach. 

Matt Mclellan

Natural Professional Physique

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat”

No phrase sums up the Health & Fitness Industry as much as this one. It seems that every competitor, personal trainer, coach, or so-called expert has the magical formula to ensure your results. So the million dollar question is: How do you choose when everyone claims they can help you fulfill your dream? This is my personal story of how I selected William Grazione as my coach.

In 2008, I relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida and opened Tour De Pizza. One of the first actions I made was joining the Gol’d Gym located across the street from my new pizzeria. I loved the 24 hour concept and would frequent the gym after I closed the shop often into the early morning hours. Often times, it would be a private gym with the exception of the night-time janitor who always wore a space pack vacuum with headphones. Over time, I got to know that janitor William Grazione and our friendship was forged out of mutual interest.

As the years past, I witnessed from the sidelines as William educated himself in exercise science, became a natural NGA and IFPA professional bodybuilder, and started to mentor other to achieve their pro status. Meanwhile, I was allotted the opportunity to prove to the media that pizza was not a junk food. In July of 2009, I created a 30 day pizza only diet to change the perception of pizza from a junk food to a health food. Although I gained international exposure I did not truly understand how or why I was successful with the diet program i had invented. I was aware that William was studding a science-based, macro tracking concept and hired him to start my journey of becoming a profession natural bodybuilder.

In 2016, after 2 years and 5 previous attempts I achieved my goal of becoming an ANBF Men’s Physique Professional Bodybuilder. Did you notice that I listed my failures before I mentioned my success? THAT is the reason I have hired William in the past and why I will continue to do so. Let me explain:

As I mentioned before I am the originator of the Pizza Diet. A diet often referred by the media, competitors, and general society as a “fad diet”. In 2013, I was looking for a way to legitimize my Pizza Diet and had the desire of winning a professional status with a “Body Built By Pizza”. I knew it was a tall order but I had witnessed Williams successes first hand and fortunately he agreed to take on my unconventional pizza diet. In the beginning I was lost, unfocused, and struggled to make the necessary sacrifices to be successful. I can still envision the conversation I had with William stating that I was withdrawing form the program and would resume when I was ready to mentally commit.

Another year passes and by spring of 2014 my wife and I added a second daughter to our family at the same time I opened a second pizzeria.  As the countdown to 40 crept up I had even less time than previous years to dedicate to training and tracking macros but I was determined to finish what I started.  In December, 2014 I entered my first competition and won the 35+ Masters Division with a 16 week, pizza only contest prep.  As I quickly learned his was just the beginning of my journey of becoming a professional athlete.

So back to the initial question: How do you choose a coach when everyone seems to be an expert?  For me, I chose William because he is compassionate, understanding, supportive, experienced, knowledgeable, but MOST IMPORTANTLY I KNOW that he puts my health and well-being above any trophy or status!

With that said, I’d like to introduce myself:

Matthew McClellan, 41
Married to Larissa and father to Mirella (5) and Marissa (3)
ANBF Men’s Physique Pro
Founder of Tour De Pizza, Tour De Pizza Deux, & Fuhgidabowdit Pizzeria
GQ Magazine ‘Elite Athlete’ 2016
Pizza Industry Spokesman
Inventor of the Pizza Diet

William, you are more than a coach, friend, and mentor. You are and will always be family!  Thanks for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.  You’re a great man!

Here’s to 2017 and beyond!”

Geordan Cover

“I began working with William at the end of October, 2016. My goal was to drop from 230lbs down to 205lbs so I could compete in the 93kg weight class in the USAPL.I was able to get down to 198-200lbs for two meets, winning my weight class in one and getting 2nd place in the other. While my diet took a long time to finish due to work and school, William was always understanding and was able to help me get through all plateaus.
Under William’s guidance, I got the leanest I have ever been while increasing my squat by almost 50lbs and adding 40lbs onto my deadlift! Besides William’s extensive background and experience in the fitness industry, I chose to work with him because I wanted a coach who was a good guy, someone my girlfriend and I could both use to achieve our goals. Seeing William interact with his family on Facebook and Instagram made this decision easy for me as I knew he actually cared about his clients and their lives. In addition, through working with William, my girlfriend and I learned a ton about nutrition, flexible dieting, cardio and powerlifting. William has been an absolute pleasure to work with I can’t recommend his services highly enough”

Bob Dulong

“With William’s guidance I lost 40lbs, 8 inches off my waist, competed in my first natural men’s physique competition and regained my self-image. I have rehabilitated my lifestyle, learned how to eat according to a flexible-dieting program and have gotten into the best shape of my life at 38 years old.

I had slowly gained weight over an approximately 10-year span. I continued to work out and would tighten up my diet with limited and unsustained success at times. Work, stress, numerous strains on my already-limited time and various other factors served as easy excuses for allowing myself to slowly slip further and further from my physical ideals. I believed that as long as I continued to exercise I would be healthy, no matter if my eating habits were “lazy”. While on a trip to Ireland with my wife I came to realize just how far I had fallen. Only upon looking at a picture my wife took of me did I realize what I looked like to the rest of the world. As a healthcare provider and a father I feel that it is of the utmost importance to live a healthy lifestyle and to portray an image of health through my physical appearance. This was not the image of me that I wanted to portray and certainly not the model that I wanted to provide for my kids.

I made the determination to dedicate myself to diet-tracking and to refocus my training in the gym. I reached out to William for guidance and set a goal to compete in a men’s physique competition.

Will’s passion for coaching and teaching has been evident from the beginning of our journey together. He has provided guidance and support whenever needed throughout this process. We have taken a steady, systematic, science-based approach to establishing healthy lifestyle habits. He has instilled in me the knowledge necessary to continue a healthy lifestyle beyond my time prepping for my competition. “

Darius Wallace

Natural Bodybuilder

“I started working with Coach Grazione in 2013, and I must say, it was the best decision I have ever made (mentally and physically). Prior to me working with Will, I was your typical clean eater, eating 6 meals a day, and I was eating very low carbs with a good amount of moderate cardio as well, it was a recipe for disaster. When I started with Will, I completed my first mini cut, and then reverse dieted until I decided to compete in my very first bodybuilding competition. Will guided me the entire time, and helped me get into the best shape of my life. I placed 1st in my class, and 2nd in the overall. Will also helped me prep for a powerlifting meet as well. I added a ton of weight to my totals, and I walked away with a 2nd place finish. This 3 year experience has been nothing short of phenomenal, and I want you to know, Will, I am extremely grateful for everything you have done for me! “

Brooks Robinson

Natural Bodybuilder

“It was such an amazing experience working with you for the time it took to get me to the stage. You taught me a lot about training not just for bodybuilding but for overall health and well being. The journey was rough and exhausting to get to the stage, but I never felt like my health was in jeopardy during prep. I felt healthy and functional even during the harder days. I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to find someone who knows what they are doing for contest prep, and once I decide to step back on stage I’ll contact you for sure because you were awesome.”

Mark Young

NGA Natural Pro Bodybuilder

“Working with William has been amazing. He has been instrumental in taking my physique to a whole new level and he is very passionate about taking care of his clients. He has devoted countless hours answering any questions I have about training, nutrition, and posing and is eager to help educate his clients. William has coached me through my 2014 contest season which has produced amazing results. I was able to place 1st in Novice and Open Lightweight at the NGA Champions and Challengers show as well as 1st place and Overall winner at the NGA FL State Natural, earning me an NGA pro card. Without his guidance I would have never been able to achieve as much success as I have competing in bodybuilding. He was able to guide me through a journey to a new level of conditioning.
Hiring William is one of the best decisions I have ever made! “

Scott Turza

“I have been working with William for over a year now. I came to him after deciding to do my third show and I was in need of a new coach. Throughout the months of prep, from slow bulking to a fairly easy cutting phase (since we had roughly 18 weeks to cut), William was able to get me show-ready and had me looking at my best on stage thus far. While I ultimately came up short, I wouldn’t have done what I did without his help. His training methods and nutrition recommendations work and I continue to utilize the tools William has taught me in my off-season, as well as with other clients that I work with. He truly cares for his clients and makes sure that you not only look your best, but also teaches you why he recommends what he does. Not only have I grown and made progress physically, I mentally am in a better place as well. If you are in need of a coach, 10/10 I would recommend William.”

Mason Kernan

“My time with Will has been nothing short of life changing! Not only did he help guide me to getting into the best physical shape to date, but more importantly the valuable knowledge he shined on me and mental strength that was built over the course of my prep! For that I am so blessed and grateful to have such a classy individual in my corner as I pursue my dreams in the fitness and nutrition industry! Thank you William for being a one of a kind coach, but most importantly, a true friend”

Kelly Klassen

Natural Bodybuilder

I will start off by saying that working with William has not only been a very fun and positive experience, but also one of the smartest moves I have made as an amateur bodybuilder aspiring to be an IFPA pro. I had come to a point in my training where going by feel or instincts no longer provided the rate of progress that I knew I was capable of. If I wanted to improve as an athlete I was going to have to get a more structured training program that forced progression and was more suited to my training status in terms of Volume, Frequency, and intensity. William proceeded to design a program catered to me known as Daily Undulating Periodization (DUP). Something that really stands out to me about William and how he designed this program, is he took in to consideration my goals. He made the program in a way that I can progress not just as a bodybuilder but also improve my powerlifting.

Before starting with William I set some goals for myself on what I wanted to achieve for 1 rep maxes by a certain amount of time. I made these goals “unrealistic”, knowing that even if I came close it would still mean that I had made some great progress. 6 weeks into my training, I retest my 1 rep maxes for all 3 of my lifts. I had increased my total by 155 pounds destroying the goals that I believed to “unrealistic”. I was so surprised by this, that I plan to compete in powerlifting meets before I return to the bodybuilding stage.

My results speak for themselves, if your looking for a Coach who is educated and truly cares about his clients success, on top of already being an elite athlete himself then you have come to the right place. Thanks for everything William!!!

Andrew Reeder

USA Triathlon National Championships Qualified Athlete

“I started working with William in January 2013. At that time, I was transitioning from focusing primarily on strength training in the gym simply for physical fitness, to the sport of triathlon. Of course, triathlon training requires an individual to focus more on endurance activities (swimming, biking, and running), which was something rather new to me. In addition, in order to prepare for the upcoming race season I was performing endurance training (swim, bike, run) 9 times per week (3 swim workouts, 3 bike workouts, 3 run workouts), as well as trying to maintain a basic strength training program. Needless to say, I was burning significantly more calories than I was when strength training alone. As a result, my energy level plummeted and I started losing significant weight. This in turn was negatively affecting the quality of my workouts, my mood, and my overall ability to just get through my day without feeling like a zombie.

Prior to working with William, I thought I had a good understanding of nutrition. I always ate a very clean diet while strength training and didn’t understand why the things I was doing and eating were not fixing my problems. However, William explained that I needed to make some unexpected changes in my diet in order to maximize not only the quality of my workouts, but also the results of those workouts in order to continue to improve. In addition, by making the dietary changes it would also allow me to get back to feeling like myself. What an incredible difference his changes made. I immediately noticed an improvement in my energy levels. I was no longer struggling to get through my workouts, but instead improving my times in all three disciplines. In addition, I started eating things I never thought were “healthy”, but turned out to be a necessary part of any diet to allow the body to function at its highest level.

Throughout this process, William was always available to me anytime I had a question or needed clarification on something. William’s level of professionalism was amazing. He gave great attention to every detail of my nutrition plan based on my personal needs. Everything was personal to me and me alone. Nothing was ever done on a “generic” or “across the board” level. One of the other things I was most impressed with was that William’s suggestions and explanations always had a “scientific” explanation. Often times he even provided me with literature to support whatever change he was recommending. Nothing was ever done without an explanation, nor was it done just because “William thought it was best”. It was done because there was scientific evidence that substantiated these things. With William, you not only get a personal trainer that’s achieved incredible personal success with his own diet/nutrition/training, but you also get an extremely well educated and knowledgeable teacher/coach.

I would highly recommend William to anyone looking to improve their diet and/or training program. I can assure you he will exceed your expectations in helping you achieve your desired results.”

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