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William Grazione

B.S. Exercise Science from Bacone College
The Educated Dieter Inc. Coach and Educator
CEO The Educated DIeter Inc.
11 Years Of Experience

Hi, I’m William, I’m a man of faith, husband to my amazing wife Tanya Grazione, father of four children ages 15- 1, and a pro natural bodybuilder, with a B.S. in Exercise Science.

I understand first-hand the feelings that come along with deciding to commit to yourself, a decision that has the power to transform your life forever. I’ve been told by many clients that I’m empathetic and caring, I lead with human connection and nutritional education. For the last 10 years, I have worked with over a thousand clients teaching them the foundational skills of becoming an educated dieter. To read real testimonials of my coaching service visit our client’s testimonials section. I have also taught hundreds of nutrition coaches my evidence-based methods through mentoring to achieving forever results creating an impact in nutritional coaching globally.

My coaching staff and I strive to be at the forefront of research and listen to our client’s feedback and biofeedback to make this the last coaching experience you will need.

I am the CEO of The Educated Dieter, Inc., where I work with my team of coaches to provide the highest level of 1 on 1 nutrition coaching available. We also strive to create products and content across all social platforms to further our client’s education which we know will provide them lifelong value.

We are made or unmade by ourselves

God bless,

William Grazione

Contest History

  • 2013-2014
    Taking time away from the stage to spend with my family and improve my business and my metabolic rate while adding more muscle mass to take the stage in 2015.
  • 2012 OBC Southeast States
    • Open short 1st place
    • Open overall (IFPA Pro)
  • 2011
    • Decided to take the entire year off and work on building my metabolism and add some needed muscle mass.
  • 2010 OBC Southeast States
    • Open short 1st place
    • Open overall (IFPA Pro)
  • NPC Tampa Bay Classic
    • Open middleweight – 4th place
  • NPC Mid Florida Classic
    • Novice Class – 1st place
  • Muscle Mania Fitness Florida
    • Open short – 3rd place
  • NGA American Championship (Pro Qualifier)
    • Open lightweight – 1st place
    • Open overall (NGA Pro Card)

Tanya Grazione

Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness Specialist
Childbirth Educator
Birth Doula

Tanya Grazione is a mother of 4, who is a professional Birth Doula, Hypnobirthing and an Evidence Based Birth childbirth Educator, and certified in prenatal and postpartum fitness. Tanya also became a natural Figure Pro in 2016, under the guidance of her husband William Grazione.

She believes in holistic and scientific methods to support her clients throughout their pregnancies, birth and postpartum.

She is a great addition to the team to help support and guide any of our pregnant clients and new mothers.

Gillis Pellegrin

B.S. Nutrition & Dietetics from Nicholls State University
M.S. Exercise & Nutrition Science from University of Tampa
The Educated Dieter Inc. Coach and Mentor to fitness professionals

Early on in my career, I knew that nutrition was a passion and that I wanted to help others. In those years all I knew is that I enjoyed learning and having a good understanding of how nutrition impacts someone’s life. Coming from a family that was brought up on unhealthy options for food, having a sound nutrition regime was taboo in the household. What inspired me at an early age is knowing that I wanted to change the curve in seeing a family that was battling so many illnesses. Even as a child I delt with illnesses such as childhood asthma and weakened immune system. I was one of five people living in a household and was the only person that didn’t smoke tobacco. I suffered as a child being in and out of hospitals due to secondary effects of smoke. Being the determined child, I felt like I needed to break the mold and got heavily involved in sports. I played football at the age of 10 and by the time I was twelve, I decided to use weightlifting as a way to improve my kraft in the sport.

Zach Richie

B.S. Nutrition & Dietetics from Ball State University
M.P.H Nutrition From Liberty University
The Educated Dieter Inc. Coach and Educator

I discovered my passion for nutrition and fitness at a fairly young age. Growing up a heavy child came with many challenges, these challenges motivated me to make a change. During my freshman year of high school I began my fitness and nutrition journey and made a complete transformation. During this time I fell in love with the lifestyle, seeing how my effort and consistency lead to results had me hooked. Over the next few years that hard work and dedication resulted in many sports accolades and state wide recognition. I was awarded first team all-state, Indiana Mr. Basketball candidate, national scoring leader, made the top 100 team, and many more awards.

Between my senior year of high school and college I experienced many health issues that deterred me from pursuing college athletics. My weight suddenly dropped, I had extreme fatigue, and lethargy, as well as many other symptoms. We discovered that I had a pituitary tumor, causing hypopituitarism. This battle of getting my hormones under control fueled a new interest for me, wanting to learn how hormones effect our physical performance and body composition goals. Having family members that were already dietitians and experiencing what proper nutrition and exercise did for me personally, I decided to pursue a career in Nutrition & Dietetics

Kim Thornton

The Educated Dieter Inc. Coach and Educator

Born and raised in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, I’ve always been an athletic individual, dabbling in everything from martial arts and dance, to gymnastics as a child.

I formally joined our local gym, back in late 2017 at age 27, in an effort to build back muscle I’d lost to almost a decade of under eating and restrictive dieting. At age 18, I’d lost a substantial amount of weight, after a highly successful weight loss endeavour. As a result of all the compliments I received, I felt a great deal of pressure to maintain my new size. This effectively lead to life in a permanent diet, terrified of weight gain. After almost ten years of continuous dieting, broken up by the occasional rebound, I realised I was shrinking away (and had lost a considerable amount of muscle mass along the way). Around 2016, I acknowledged that this lifestyle was no longer sustainable and that my long term health was becoming increasingly at risk.

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