5 Ways to Improve Insulin Sensitivity, Part 1

Have you ever measured your blood glucose before? I know you may be thinking, “Why would I need to do that. I do not have diabetes,” and that’s a legit question. The reason to consider making it a habit lies within optimizing your health.

In this episode, your host William Grazione along with Coach Gillis Pellegrin and Coach Zach Richie, go over why it is valuable to monitor your blood glucose as a general health marker for pre-diabetes and the connection between high blood sugar and metabolic dysfunction. The three will also discuss how monitoring to improve your insulin sensitivity can be the perfect tool for improving your body composition and preventing weight loss resistance during fat loss phases. 

Learn how to use a glucometer to take your blood glucose readings accurately and what range you want to be in. This will help assess whether you need to slow down your carb intake during a muscle gain program or reverse diet. We’ll also clue you into other factors outside of food intake that can spike readings. Last but not least, William, Gillis, and Zach will tell you what to be on the watch – and feel for during your workouts that are telltale signs if you’re taking in the right amount of carbs or not.

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