5 Ways to Improve Insulin Sensitivity: Part 2

Welcome back to Hey Coach Radio! In our last episode – 5 Ways to Improve Insulin Sensitivity Part 1, we went over the importance of monitoring your blood sugar to gauge how well your body utilizes its carbohydrate intake and signs and symptoms of metabolic dysfunction. In this episode, your host William Grazione, and Coach Gillis Pellegrin, go over steps you can start taking now if your blood sugar readings are coming in high. Part of this increase in blood glucose numbers comes down to stress and its impact on cortisol. The two go over how eliminating carbs altogether is not the answer and clue you in to ways to re-arrange your macros to make a healthier impact on your metabolism. William and Gillis will also teach you about the changes you can make in your activity levels, and swapping out types of carbohydrates can affect things and some essential supplements you can take.

Keep listening to learn more. 

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