Body Recomposition & Working Out Intelligently With Christopher Barakat

Welcome back to Hey Coach Radio, and our 100th Episode! To mark this milestone, your host William Grazione has brought back athlete and research scientist Christopher Barakat!

The two will discuss body recomposition and its research, with particular emphasis on the study from the University of Southern Florida Tampa that Christopher was part of. Christopher digs into the study and explains the factors that led to the success of the participants that lost body fat while building muscle.

The two will also visit on how you can determine if a workout program is the right program for you based on your ability to recover.

Keep listening to learn how inflammation from delayed onset muscle soreness impacts gym performance and what to do about it. Learn about the new research behind maximizing hypertrophy in your workouts.

In the middle of the episode, William will announce the winner of our 100th episode giveaway!

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