Coaching Confidence: 5 Tips for Success

In this episode, William Grazione and Coach Gillis Pellegrin discuss what it takes to become a confident nutrition coach.

It’s not just about having passion; it’s not just about education. But Personal experience, taking action, creating results, and understanding you have to fail plenty are essential.

In the beginning, more often than not, you’ll also face imposter syndrome. William and Gillis share their experience and how the two overcame them. Dealing with your inner doubts is key, but keep them internal. Learning how to believe in yourself and have your clients believe in you is imperative in earning their trust and coaching them over the long haul. Why? Because if they don’t trust you and your path for them, they are gone!

Comparing yourself to others on social media is another massive issue William and Gillis see. They provide you tips on what to do to avoid it.

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