Elite Physique and Phat Muscle with John Gorman

In this episode, we visit with John Gorman, owner of Team Gorman, a company that works with competitive athletes and the general population to help individuals achieve their best health. John is also the owner of The Phat Muscle Project supplement line, 2 Anytime Fitness locations, the Physique Summit Conference, as well as a 3x best-selling author, and a proud father.

Your host William Grazione visits with John on how he manages to keep weight off his clients, when and why he started using a functional nutrition approach when coaching, and how taking a much-needed break from social media was beneficial for his health and relationships.

William also asks John how functional nutrition helped him build his supplement business, his advice for other business owners, the strategies he utilized for staying committed to writing 3 books over the last few years. The two also discuss advice for natural body builders, the importance of implementing elite macro tracking for best physique results, and more. 

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