How to Monitor Progress, When to End a Fat Loss Phase, to Keto or Not, and Rep Ranges for Muscle Growth

In this episode, Coach William Grazione is joined by Coach Zach Richie! Today, the two go over client Q&A. These topics discussed hit their inboxes frequently while helping people reach their health goals. Will and Zach address why some people question if their rate of weight loss is on point or not and how progress is measured, not just on the scale.

Listen as the two go over when it’s time to bow out of a fat loss phase and how we manage approaching this with data backed by blood labs if necessary. Will and Zach will discuss the importance of carbs and when a low-carb or keto diet approach may be required.

Lastly, the two take on the great rep debate. Is there is a perfect rep range for muscle growth – or is it more about intensity? Listen in to learn more!

Ways to Break Your Weight Loss Plateaus

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