Male and Female Differences in Fat Loss and Competition Prep

Welcome to Hey Coach Radio! This episode is 3 of 5 in the contest prep series. 

Listen as the coaches talk about the different ratios of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone between males and females, how it ties into thyroid health, and how each sex’s body responds in a fat loss phase because of these differences. They also go over the importance of why clients should have their bloodwork drawn for hormone levels checked before, during, and after a diet phase to understand how someone’s body responds during a fat loss transformation.

William, Gillis, and Zach tackle the topic of Implementing refeed strategies, carb cycling, and diet breaks during the cutting phase for the body to recover optimal health and hormone levels once heading into a reverse diet. They also go over creating annual diet plans for clients and what that entails.

Other great information you will hear discussed is the link between progesterone and stress management in dieting with females, side effects of extreme male dieting, and what can be done to help preserve testosterone levels during a bodybuilding prep.

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