Q & A: Fruit Consumption, Turmeric for Health, Muscle Building Problems & How to Study and Still Get Sleep

In this episode, it’s all about you and your questions! Willaim Grazion and Coach Gillis are back with another Q&A from our followers on Instagram. The two tackle the fruit debate – is there such a thing as too much fruit consumption in your diet, and can eat fruit stall fat loss? Coach Gillis will go over the benefits of Turmeric and how it can be used in place of common at-home aids like Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen. 


We go over three easy tips on how to lose fat effectively and why it seems some people are just not gaining muscle in the gym, despite being there for hours upon hours. Last but not least, Will and Gillis dish out tips for college students that are trying to study and retain information. It’s more about THE TIME of day or night you choose to hit the books that can have the most impact. 

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