Refeed Strategies and Macro Adjustments in Bodybuilding Contest Preparation

Welcome back, listeners! In this episode of Hey Coach Radio, we continue with the second episode of our 5-part series on Bodybuilding Contest Prep. Your host William Grazione is joined by Coach Gillis Pellegrin and Coach Zach Richie. The three delve into the fear new coaches encounter in dropping calories to the necessary amount at the start of a bodybuilding contest prep or fat loss phase to ensure an adequate drop!

William, Gillis, and Zach also review what percentage of carb difference there needs to be between low days and high days when it comes to seeing an impact on metabolism vs. just a nudge in carbs for better gym performance.

Keep listening as our coaches let you know their approaches to handling a plateau in weight loss during competition prep and how they approach it with macro adjustments and changes to cardio. William, Zach, and Gillis also give you tips for trainers on handling clients who struggle with adherence to their dietary guidelines while taking on a fat loss phase to get shreddy and stage-ready. Listen to learn more!


Ways to Break Your Weight Loss Plateaus

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