The 5 Most Popular Contest Prep Red Flags: Part 2

In this episode, your host William Grazione along with Coach Gillis Pellegrin and Coach Zach Richie, continue the conversation and examination of the Top 5 Red Flags in Contest Prep. In the previous podcast, the three tackled the dangers of taking calories too low from the start. Today, we pick up the subject with how much cardio is too much cardio and excessive supplementation, what is necessary vs. what is too much. Some supplements you want to take with caution as the amount you ingest can seriously affect how you feel and perform – good or bad. Coach Will, Gillis, and Zach also discuss the importance of re-feeds. If you have ever dieted – competitor or not, and you have not implemented a re-feed period – that’s a red flag. Not utilizing mitigation strategies to avoid negative dieting consequences is risky on a weight loss journey. Keep listening and ask yourself if you have ever encountered any of these red flags.

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