The Basics: Walk Your Way to Fat Loss

 In this episode – we continue with our series on The Basics, which includes fundamental advice to help you achieve your best health.


Your host, William Grazione, along with Coach Gillis and Coach Zach Richie, fill you in on how walking is incredibly effective for fat loss. Yes! Walking! 


You still need to monitor your caloric intake and take into consideration your baseline of daily activity and your schedule. 

You may be asking yourself, who is this effective for? How many steps are necessary, and what is the time commitment to add the amount of movement required to produce results? How does one get into the habit of committing to making walking and time for their health a habit?  When adding walking into your plan, timing should be a consideration. Is it better to split up your time for movement throughout the day or do it in one shot? The coaches will answer all these questions and cover the therapeutic benefits of increasing your step count to help achieve your weight loss goals.

Ways to Break Your Weight Loss Plateaus

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