The Basics: Your FAQs Continued – Carbs, Protein, Creatine, and Spot Training

Welcome back to Hey Coach Radio! William Grazione and Coach Gillis Pellegrin, along with Coach Zach Ritchie are back covering more of the basics with more of your frequently asked questions.

Listen as the three cover whether or not you should use Creatine Monohydrate during a fat loss phase, if weight gain is inevitable during a reverse diet, and how much protein your body can absorb in one meal.

Will, Zach, and Gillis also discuss if it’s true that you will gain weight as you increase your carbohydrate intake. The three also discuss if you can lose fat with cardio alone and whether or not you can spot train areas of your body with the intent of conditioning just a specific area.

Get ready to have your questions answered in this episode!


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