The Biggest Mistakes Nutrition Coaches Make

Are you spinning your wheels in getting your client’s results? If so, keep listening. In this episode, we have gathered questions and issues arising from our mentorship program for coaches through Advanced Coaching Systems.

Your host William Grazione, and Coach Gillis Pellegrin discuss how some of their mentees get stuck in the weeds by focusing too much on hormone levels. They also go over how many coaches mistake not calculating the correct amount of calories to cut at the beginning of a fat loss phase. Another complicating factor in getting client results can come from not increasing calories properly during refeeds via the proper amount of carbs.

Coach Will and Gillis also go over how important measuring glucose can be during a fat loss phase and what a proper glucose response should be.

Last but not least, William and Gillis talk about how only using a caloric surplus and a caloric deficit to periodize nutrition is a big mistake, and the two review what the sweet spot for calories should be at for a client to become insulin sensitive. Grab a notebook and a pen and jot down these tips.

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