The Keto Diet: Its Purpose and Practical Application

It seems like the keto diet is a popular choice by many, or at least the vast amount of marketing seems like it. The question is, is it the right choice? In this episode of Hey Coach Radio, your host William Grazione is joined by his trusted coaches, Gillis Pellegrin and Zach Richie, to dive deep into this dietary protocol.

The three discuss the pros and cons of a ketogenic diet, who this diet is designed for, and how it originated. As we explore this way of eating, Coach Zach gives his perspective, having been on the keto diet for 5 years out of necessity.

William, Gillis, and Zach talk about practical applications for the use of the ketogenic diet when it comes to those facing insulin resistance, whether or not it’s a sustainable dietary lifestyle, and how it can affect performance in the gym.

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