The Right Rate of Fat Loss, When to Start a Diet Phase, and Caloric Drops for Weight Loss

Welcome back, listeners! In this episode of Hey Coach Radio, your host William Grazione is joined by coach Gillis Pellegrin and Coach Zach Richie to answer your questions. The three address the best fat loss rate to use with clients and why it’s best to stick to it versus being overly aggressive.  The three coaches also go over when it is OK to start a weight loss journey after a hormone restoration phase, and they discuss methods for testing the waters of weight loss with a trial diet before moving forward with an extended diet. With that, they talk about what the fat loss trial results can indicate for a client’s health. Lastly, coach William, Gillis, and Zach talk about how to initially start a fat loss phase, where to drop calories from macro-wise, and how much of an initial decrease to start with to elicit a response on the scale.

Ways to Break Your Weight Loss Plateaus

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