The Rise of The Fit Pros

In this talk, your Host William Grazione visits with Chris and Eric Martinez. These two brothers are  #1 International Best-Selling Authors are founders of Dynamic Duo Training, an online exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle consulting business. 

Today Chris and Eric fill us in on how they achieved their success in the noisy world of health and fitness and the reason why they went from coaching people on their personal nutrition and fitness journeys to teaching health and fitness coaches how to improve their business. 

The two discuss the importance of the 80/20 rule, which involves being a Badass fitness marketer first, excelling at sales, and being a good coach simultaneously. They also touch on what they believe should be a person’s motivation in business.  Lastly, we have sound advice for new nutritionists and trainers looking to break into the online space. Hear about the system of Discover, develop, and deploy from Chris and Eric, as well as how to get over the fear of selling your skills and your product. 

Ways to Break Your Weight Loss Plateaus

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