Women’s Health interview by Nicole Ferrier

Coach William Grazione was recently on Beyond the Bikini Radio, hosted by Nicole Ferrier, and on this episode, we share that very special talk.

We go over why Coach Will started his mission to transform the fitness industry to help prioritize women’s health through proper nutrition and education and create a new generation of health-focused nutrition coaches.

Nicole and Will discuss the concerning factors at play when coaching women and the three different dieting phases: lean, restore, and build.

The two will address the fears that concern female clients who need to restore their health before engaging in another fat loss transformation. They will address the importance of monitoring your hormone levels and other health markers through lab testing and how to get it.

Will and Nicole will touch on why we see women steering towards harmful and aggressive workout habits more so than men in the nutritional coaching world and learn what it will take to tackle the change that needs to happen in diet culture.

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