Competition Preparation Coaching  (45+ pro cards earned)

For most physique athletes the contest preparation process can be filled with contradicting opinions and confusion. As your competition preparation coach I will help educate you and alleviate the guess work regarding all things prep oriented. I guide you with knowledgeable assistance based off of my experience as a competitor, judge, and coach of over ten years and having worked with some of the best natural physique athletes in the world. Let’s dial you in with science!

Weight Loss and Keep It Off Coaching

For individuals not interested in competing in any form of physique competition but is seeking education, application, and a healthy attainable lifestyle. We will create a personalized macro nutrient based dieting program for you based on your current lifestyle circumstances and personal preferences. We utilize a flexible dieting technique that will not place limitations on food choices and will help create a healthy relationship with food. Our fat loss approach will allow you the flexibility to enjoy the foods you choose while still attaining your desired goals and the best part is learning how to finally keep the weight off.

Metabolic Recovery (female/male)

Our reverse / recovery dieting coaching services are created and custom catered for you! This service is created for the individual who may have trouble with gaining weight after a fat loss phase or anyone suffering from severe metabolic adaptation. Metabolic adaptations occur during a series of prolonged low calorie dieting coupled with endless hours of cardiovascular exercise. This often times leads you to a place where you can’t lose anymore body fat regardless of how hard you try.  The result of this applied stress post show or post fat loss effort is uncontrollable weight gain, unfortunately is all too common in the fitness industry. We can help you recover/ reverse diet post fat loss to ensure minimal fat gain, maximal strength gain, and increased caloric intake to bring your health back to a place your physiology can thrive and set you up for a successful fat loss phase in the future.

Improvement Season

One of the challenges we face as competitive physique athletes once the show is over, is what to do after a contest or series of contests.  This process must be executed PROPERLY in order to ensure you’re using nutritional periodization to plan and map out your future.  Many people want to prep for a show but few are willing to do what it takes in the offseason to really make the noticeable changes that will show on stage the following season. In order for you to improve you must invest the time into building the muscle you need before you can sculpt the muscle that will earn you that pro title! As the saying goes, shows are won in the off season! Don’t get lost! Plan your progress!

Bikini Posing & Stage Presentation Consulting

IFBB Pro, Zoey Panzarino will be providing the posing and stage presence consulting for all female bikini clients of Metabolic Evolution Inc. Stage presence is a very important part of competition day – equally as important as the physique you bring to the stage. Being able to confidently present yourself and showcase your best assets on stage is imperative, and takes practice! Posing coaching services will include teaching you how to come up with stage routine that will showcase your strengths and leave you feeling confident! Zoey will be going over the basic poses of the Bikini division in any preferred organization, how to perform transitions and make your routine smooth, and also the in’s and outs’ of EXACTLY what you will be doing when you step on stage. She will also include guidance on choosing a gorgeous suit for you, tips for your hair, make up, tan, shoes  etc. – everything that goes into your stage look!

*Prices (not restricted to time):*
Initial Session – $70
Initial Session + 2nd Session – $125
Each Additional Session – $50

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