Zach Richie

The Educated Dieter, LLC Coach

About Zach Richie

I discovered my passion for nutrition and fitness at a fairly young age. Growing up a heavy child came with many challenges, these challenges motivated me to make a change. During my freshman year of high school I began my fitness and nutrition journey and made a complete transformation. During this time I fell in love with the lifestyle, seeing how my effort and consistency lead to results had me hooked. Over the next few years that hard work and dedication resulted in many sports accolades and state wide recognition. I was awarded first team all-state, Indiana Mr. Basketball candidate, national scoring leader, made the top 100 team, and many more awards.

Between my senior year of high school and college I experienced many health issues that deterred me from pursuing college athletics. My weight suddenly dropped, I had extreme fatigue, and lethargy, as well as many other symptoms. We discovered that I had a pituitary tumor, causing hypopituitarism. This battle of getting my hormones under control fueled a new interest for me, wanting to learn how hormones effect our physical performance and body composition goals. Having family members that were already dietitians and experiencing what proper nutrition and exercise did for me personally, I decided to pursue a career in Nutrition & Dietetics.

I then spent the next 4 years obtaining a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from Ball State University. During this time, I was working as a personal trainer for a local gym. I had the opportunity to work hands on with my clients to reach their fitness and body composition goals while also studying nutrition. I was able to help my clients see better results than most other members in the gym because we were applying proper nutrition to support their workouts. When I was not studying or working with clients, I had an on-campus job working in the Human Performance Lab, and Wellness & Gerontology facility. This gave me the opportunity to work with athletes, as well as the older population in the community.

After finishing my under-grad, I decided to pursue a masters of public health and nutrition. For the first year of this program, I worked as a research assistant. I then finished the program while working full time as Nutrition Care Coordinator for a hormone treatment facility. Spending years in this position I had the ability to work with a multitude of patients from all ages, dealing with many different hormonal issues that made it difficult to lose weight.

Most recently my experiences have consisted of managing many clients in a hands on personal training role. As well as working as a Rep/Nutrition Educator for the top whole food supplement company that provides nutrition education in the form of CEU’s to doctors, chiropractors, and acupuncturists to maintain licensure in a specific profession. While pursuing my own physique goals, in hopes of competing within the next few years.

With the many roles I have had the opportunity to take advantage of over the last decade, I have seen firsthand how proper nutrition and guidance has the ability to improve everyone’s life. I value every client and provide an individualized approach to help them meet and surpass their goals. I am passionate about helping each of my clients achieve their health and body composition goals and I thank God for the challenges I have faced personally to help me learn and provide better coaching and guidance to my clients.

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